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Hissing and high pitch ringing from Mirages (1 Viewer)


Stunt Coordinator
Jan 4, 2003
I'm trying to figure out a problem that has recently cropped up with my HT. I recently got a Parasound HCA-855a amp to power my Mirage Speakers(OM-9s, OMC2, FrxRears) to take the load off my Denon 2802. I am now noticing fairly often during passages of dialogue or when not much sound is blasting away that there is a bit of hissing going on with the voices as they speak(almost always out of the center channel, but also in the fronts from time to time), it changes on every cut, which makes me think it's exposing some sound issues on the DVD soundtrack, but it wouldnt seem so since its my Episode 2 DVD. There is also a tendency for a high pitched ringing that happens along with the hissing. It's only right around when the actors speak. Doesn't happen for looped or voice over dialogue. Is it the amp that could cause this? Or maybe my cables running the amp to the receiver(Monster Cable Interlink 300MKII)? This never happened before I got the Parasound. I have the volume turned up louder than I used to, but its only now at what I would see as a reference level( 00 on the Denon volume now, before I usually hovered around -10 ). Any ideas on what it could be? Thanks.


John F. Palacio

Supporting Actor
Jan 6, 2002
Are you playing now louder that before you added the Parasound? I mean SPL wise, not where the volume control ends up at.

If so, I would temporarily go back to your original setup, run it at the levels you are running now (provided your amp does not clip) and see if you hear the same effect.

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