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Hiking in Mt. Blanc region

Discussion in 'After Hours Lounge (Off Topic)' started by Tom Meyer, Sep 29, 2003.

  1. Tom Meyer

    Tom Meyer Second Unit

    Feb 11, 1999
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    I'll be visiting a friend who lives outside of Turin, Italy in about 4 weeks and was thinking about taking a couple days to go hiking in the Mt. Blanc region of France/Italy/Switz. Has anyone ever been in the area ? Will the weather be OK in late October ? Or, should I just jet to Prague for a couple days instead !?
  2. Jay H

    Jay H Producer

    Mar 22, 1999
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    Pittsfield, MA
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    I'd imagine by late Oct, the alps would be pretty much in winter conditions, especially up in altitude, which means be prepared for winter hiking conditions... I'm sure you can find a weater report for the area on the internet, I guess Chamonix is around that area I think. Never been there, but I've been to the Pyranees with Mario B. on a bike tour. I did scope out some of the hiking possibilities there but since we didn't go by the Alps, could not check out the hiking possibilities there.

    Depends whether or not you like winter hiking or if you have the gear or money to rent. I love winter hiking, I like it even more than summer hiking. No bugs, you can manage the sweating better, it's prettier, theres less people, its more beautiful...aaahhhh winter.


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