HDMI in favor of component and digiital audio cables?

Mar 30, 2004
Good morning

I am moving. Because space is a consideration, I must replace a large HDTV with a smaller one. It is also an opportune time to replace two aging pieces of equipment (AV receiver and DVD player).

The new residence is a Cox Cable only community.

The new HDTV, AV receiver and DVD player that I have on order have HDMI ports. The HDTV also accepts a cable card. All three units have component video and audio digital ports.

I understand that HDMI cables high quality audio and video through a single connection. Should I no longer use component video and digital audio cables and use HDMI instead whenever possible?

Or, what do you recommend?

Mort Corey

Supporting Actor
Nov 21, 2003
HDMI connection should be superior as a video connection but, at this time, audio will be a toss up compared to a digital audio connection. A lot is going to depend on your cable provider....do/will they support the cable card, and if so, will they offer one with an HDMI connection? With todays version of HDMI, its benefit is largely one of convenience. Newer versions of the connection and the advent of higher resolution source material (HD-DVD/BluRay etc) will likely make better use of the connections band width.

With by cable equipment, I found the digital video connection only slightly better than using a component connection. Since my cable provider only offered a DVI connection (and my older display only had DVI as well) the audio connection was a moot point.


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