Grrrr.... truck radio stolen

Discussion in 'After Hours Lounge (Off Topic)' started by Brad Porter, Jul 26, 2005.

  1. Brad Porter

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    Jun 8, 1999
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    Upon leaving work today I arrived at my truck to find the driver's side door unlocked (which is not how I ever leave it) and the radio missing. There's a tear in the plastic dash cover due to the punk forcefully pulling it out to access the radio. He also opted to cut the audio input cable from my satellite receiver rather than simply pull out the connectors. At least that's a cheap fix.

    The security guard informed me that there's a school for "delinquent youth" in a building adjacent to our property and the police officer that filed the report told me that another vehicle had been broken into earlier today at the hospital lot just west of there.

    So I'm pissed. But at least he didn't break the window or steal the entire truck or shit in the passenger seat. Fortunately for me, I had my satellite radio receiver with me in my office. Unfortunately for him, that base unit wasn't all that spectacular to begin with.

    I can't find anyplace where I've written down the serial number of the radio, but I have no expectations of it resurfacing ever again. Is there really a market for stolen radios these days?

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    Yeah like 15 dollars if he is lucky. So you get to go through all that shit for some punk to make $15. Fun eh!

    Had a radio stolen out of my 71 VW convert. He broke the vent window to get at it. The radio he got was worth $50 new at the time and probably got him $5. The little vent window cost $700 to replace. He left his greasy hair stain on my rearview mirror for me to clean. Dumbass cut the tape adapter wire that ran under the seat to my $200 CD player, cell phone, and CD's. Did not follow the wire path to find the "good stuff" I had hidden under the seat. Stupid ass.

    My wife had a civic broken into for the aftermarket radio I had installed. I guess he did not realize you have to remove half the dash to get to the five screws that hold it in securly. So he got nothing but broke the window and caused surface damage to the dash trying to get at the radio. Thieves piss me off.
  3. Julian Reville

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    Aug 29, 1999
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    I haven't checked eBay, but I wonder....

    The last radio I had stolen was about 10 years ago, from my then 10 yearold K-5 Blazer; it was a decent Sony AM/FM/cassette. It was parked in my driveway and the theft happened at night, while I was home. Damn dogs, all 4 of them slept right through it.
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    John Williamson
    Thieves are the lowest form of scum. A freind of mine had his stereo stolen out of his van a couple of years ago, but the thing is, my friend had the faceplate in the house with him, so I guess the thief must have had one that fit it.

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