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Genuine ATI DVI to Component Purple Adapter Connect Your HTPC To Your HDTV (1 Viewer)

Gary Murrell

Supporting Actor
Oct 20, 2000
hey guys i have here a genuine ATI dvi to component adpater for the radeon series of cards
these are super hard to find and this is not the cheap knock off crap on ebay
i took me forever to get my hands on one and now you can get one quickly and cheaply
these genuine ati dvdi to component adpaters go for over 45.00 on ebay
my price is 26.00 with free shipping SOLD

i used this adapter for 9 months on my HTPC rig to my rear pj HDTV, i have since sold me HDTV and moved to CRT front projection and no longer need this adapter as my pj accepts rgb directly

this adapter puts out the full rez 720p, 480p, 540p or 1080i resolutions to your HDTV
it can do any rez your HDTV accepts, i would suggest the use of powerstrip along with this adapter

get your htpc hooked up to your hdtv and watch dvd's beautifully scaled to 1080i

please email [email protected] to purchase
first email to me gets it
not post's or pm'sm first email gets it

paypal only as i need the funds quickly, i can accept credit card payments as i am a premiere business memeber

please view my over 1400 positives on ebay i was a powerseller upon until 2 months back when i closed my business for personal reasons, my feedback is here:


thanks for viewing my listing

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