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Elizabeth S

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May 9, 2001
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Elizabeth S
All DVDs in excellent to mint condition, or as noted. Titles with prices include first class shipping to U.S. Prefer to trade titles without prices at this time. Please check back -- always adding more titles.


Coup de Grace
Link Removed
My Life as a Dog
Link Removed
Link Removed

All the Real Girls (Zooey Deschanel) *traded*
Animatrix, The ($12.00)
Link Removed
Better Than Sex (Susie Porter, David Wenham)
Character (1998 Best Foreign Film Academy Award Winner)
Link Removed (Ian Holm, Iben Hjejle) ($11.00)
Final (Denis Leary, Hope Davis. Directed by Campbell Scott.)
Godfather Collection, The (Excellent condition. Very minor tiny scratches at outer edge of Disc one of GF Part II.)
Good Girl, The (sealed)
Looking Through Lillian (Some scratches; plays fine) ($10.00)
Matter of Taste, A (Une Affaire de Gout) ($13.50)
OZ: Complete First Season
Personal Velocity (2002 Sundance Grand Jury Prize winner. John Cassavetes Award - Independent Spirit Awards. Kyra Sedgwick, Parker Posey, Fairuza Balk)
Psychedelic Furs Live from House of Blues (DTS)
Raising Victor Vargas *sold*
Rules of Attraction
Seven Girlfriends (Tim Daly, Olivia D'abo, Mimi Rogers, Jami Gertz, Laura Leighton, Melora Hardin, Elizabeth Pena. Some surface scratches which do not affect play.)
Silly Symphonies Tin (Sealed. OOP)
Thomas in Love ($10.00)
Wings of Desire SE *traded*

Mainly looking for want list titles, or arthouse/foreign films in trade for the above.

Others for trade:

*American Beauty
*Anniversary Party ($9.00)
*Barbershop ($8.00)
*Big Shot: Confessions of a Campus Bookie ($6.00)
*Boondock Saints (Canadian edition)
*Business of Strangers, The (Stockard Channing, Julia Stiles. MGM.) ($8.00)
*[color=royal blue]Con Express[/color] (Sean Patrick Flanery, Arnold Vosloo, Ursula Karven. Full frame) ($5.00)
*Dinner & Driving (Full Frame. Paula Devicq of "Party of Five", Brigitte Bako of "Red Shoe Diaries", Joey Slotnick. Unfortunately was dislodged from the spindle during transit and sustained quite a few surface scratches, but plays fine.) ($5.00)
*Eddie and the Cruisers (sealed)
*Knockaround Guys (No insert. Some light scratches which do not affect play.)
*Once in the Life (Laurence Fishburne, Annabella Sciorra, Titus Welliver) ($5.00)
*Link Removed Starring Jeremie Renier of "Criminal Lovers" and "La Promesse".(DeltaMac Region 0) ($8.00)
*Link Removed (w/ commentary by John Frankenheimer. Some surface marks which do not affect play. )
*Soft Skin, The (Francois Truffaut. Starring Francoise Dorleac.) ($8.00)
*Speaking of Sex (James Spader, Lara Flynn Boyle, Jay Mohr, Bill Murray, Catherine O'Hara, Melora Walters. Former rental -- some light marks but plays fine. Canadian release -- no U.S. release yet.) ($8.50)
*Targets (Peter Bogdanovich's theatrical film directorial debut. Includes his introduction and commentary. )
*Teaching Mrs. Tingle ($7.00)
*Traffic (sealed) *traded*


*Avenging Fist (Dolby Digital EX Surround; DTS ES Digital Surround, Stereo) *traded*
*Color of Pain (DTS) ($5.00)
*Conmen in Vegas (small scuff which does not affect play) ($5.00)
*Gonin (Ocean Shores)
*Hold You Tight ($5.00)
*Interactive Murders (Andy Hui, Nicola Cheung) ($5.00)
*Peeping, The (Daniel Wu, Teresa Mak, Grace Lam. Tai Seng version.) (Cover differs from one shown at Amazon -- can send jpg. )($5.00)
*Princess D Director's Cut *traded*
*Your Place or Mine ($5.00)

Open to all offers for the asterisked* titles, including 2-or-3-for-one for wants with higher MSRPs.

More titles to be added soon!


WANTS (of varying degrees):

Abandoned (2001)
Adventures of Sebastian Cole, The
Barton Fink
Battle Royale (Director's Cut SE - Starmax Region 0 NTSC 2-disc)
Better Luck Tomorrow (9/30)
Bonne Annee, La
Brideshead Revisited
Brother From Another Planet (new one)
Carlito's Way SE
Casablanca SE
Cement Garden
Charlotte Sometimes (9/30)
Children of Heaven
Core, The
Criminal, The (2000)
Cutter's Way
Dawg (9/30)
Day of the Dolphin
Desperate Hours, The (Bogart)
Divided we Fall
Dokken - Japan Live '95
Double Vision (Shuang Tong)
Enigma SE
Enigma of Kaspar Hauser, The
Evening with Kevin Smith, An
Fargo SE (9/30)
Good Thief, The
His Secret Life
Hunted, The
Italian Job, The (Caine) (10/7)
Killing Emmett Young
L’Appartement (All Region)
Late August, Early September
Love Street
Merci Pour le Chocolat
Moonlight Whispers (9/30)
Mouth to Mouth
Noir - Shades of Darkness Vol. 1
Normal (10/7)
Nowhere in Africa (9/30)
Once Were Warriors (US release)
Pipe Dream
Question of Luck
Quiet American, The
Return of the Secaucus Seven
Return to Innocence
Russian Ark
Singing Detective
Son of the Bride
Street of No Return (Ryko)
Sunday, Bloody Sunday
They Live
Todo el Poder
Women in Love


Lord of the Flies
maybe others

ASIAN: (Looking for Region 1 or Region 0 versions)

Blue (Korean – 2 disc)
Bounce Ko Gals
Dance of a Dream
Lost Paradise (Japanese. Ocean Shores)
Moment of Romance, A (Mega Star)
My Wife is a Gangster
On the Occasion of Remembering the Turning Gate
Poet, The (Stephen Fung)
Returner, The
Waikiki Brothers
Who are You?
Zhou Yu’s Train

Budget title/lower wants (Looking mainly to trade * titles for these):

Empire of the Sun
Fisher King, The
Girls Can't Swim
In the Mouth of Madness
Jacob's Ladder
La Buche
Office Space (WS)
Runaway Train

I’m on the GTL here and am a Gold Trader at DVD Talk. Thanks for looking! :)

P.S. If you get an e-mail from [email protected], that's me, also. I use that from work when I can't access my on-file e-mail.

Elizabeth S

Senior HTF Member
May 9, 2001
Real Name
Elizabeth S
Hi Joe,

Appreciate your offer! But I've already owned "Branded to Kill" and am not interested in the other title. Thank you, though! :)

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