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Kevin Royal

Stunt Coordinator
May 30, 1999
In my venture to start up a local theatre group, I am in need of some cash to get things moving. As such, I have put a number of my dvd titles up for sale.
Wild Things $12 USD Shipped ($18 CDN)
Batman : The Movie (1966) - $12 US Shipped ($18 CDN)
The Usual Suspects - $13 US Shipped ($20 CDN)
Perfect Storm - $13 US Shipped ($20 CDN)
Unbreakable (minor wear on corners) - $14 US Shipped ($21 CDN)
Aliens : $14 US Shipped ($21 CDN)
Jurassic Park : The Lost World (DD) $14 US Shipped ($21 CDN)
Halloween : Anchor Bay Single Discs - $14 US shipped ($21 CDN)
Star Wars - Asian DVD (Inquire with interest) - $18 US Shipped ($27 CDN)
Alfred Hitchcock Presents - Vol. 2 - $30 US Shipped ($45 CDN)
Scream Box Set without disc 1 (Scream : Collector's Series) $40 USD Shipped ($60 CDN) - will include box!
Alien ***SOLD***
Almost Famous - ***SOLD***
Interview with a Vampire : DTS version ***SOLD***
Patton ***SOLD***
To Kill A Mockingbird ***SOLD***
The Untouchables ***SOLD***
Wonder Boys - ***SOLD***
Multiple Title Sales much preferred, and VERY willing to negotiate in such instances. I'm mostly looking to sell, but if you're interested in trade, the ONLY titles I'm currently looking for are Some Like It Hot : SE, Spartacus : Criterion Collection, Jurassic Park (DD) and Platoon : SE(MGM). Please inquire with interest, and I will get back to as soon as possible. THANKS!
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