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FS: Sony Digital Handycam (DCR TRV-330) Hi8 Camcorder - Priced to sell fast!!!! (1 Viewer)

Michael D. Bunting

Jun 9, 1999
Real Name

I have owned this great camcorder for just under 9 months. It is in excellent/brand new condition with absolutely no scratches or marks anywhere on it. It comes with all the original accessories, listed below:
Supplied Accessories:
AC-L10 AC Adapter, NP-FM30 InfoLithium® Battery, Wireless Remote Control RMT-814, Stereo A/V Cable, Lens Cap, Shoulder Strap, 4MB Memory Stick® Digital Media, USB Cable, Users Manual, Software, and original Sony retail box.
I really have not used it more than once or twice and that's why I really can't justify keeping it any longer...especially when there is other stuff out there I want/need more these days! (I just bought a brand new house!)
It will play both Digital8 tapes and the older Hi8 tapes as well - so it is very versatile!
In addition to excellent video recording/playback, this camcorder will also allow you to take Digital Photos and store them on the INCLUDED Sony Memory Stick (4 MB). So, if you have been wanting a Digital camera...why not kill 2 birds with one stone and get a camcorder that can take digital photos like this one :)
It also has Firewire and USB ports on it so that you can transfer video/audio/pictures to your computer. Also Included is video editing and picture software for your computer - all that originally came with this camcorder.
I will let this baby go for $400.00 shipped via UPS Ground (USA/Canada only!).
Payment via Paypal or Money order only.
I will ship within 24 hours of receiving payment via the above methods...and sometimes I can offer same day shipping for no additional cost if I have time left that day to ship something with UPS.
I'm a MASTER TRADER (+35) here on the HTF --- and I also have a +18 (all positive!!!) rating over on ebay! (mdbunting)
Please contact me with any questions or concerns and I will be glad to help out in any way I can.
[email protected]
Features : Sony DCR TRV-330 Camcorder
Digital Still Camera Mode*
Capture digital still images at 640 x 480 resolution, directly onto Memory Stick® media for easy transfer to email, printing, or sharing with other compatible Memory Stick® devices. Images are stored as a JPEG, the most common image format for transfer into your computer.
Memory Stick™ Digital Storage Media
With the Memory Stick Digital Data Storage Media, you can transfer images from four of these Sony Digital 8 Handycams to Sony's laptop computer, which has a Memory Stick media slot built into it. The supplied Memory Stick Reader connects to virtually any computer via the serial interface.
Universal Serial Bus Interface
Allows for easy connection and fast transfer of digital still images and MPEG Movies from the camera's Memory Stick® media to virtually any PC via supplied USB cable.
Digital 8™ Video Recording
Records outstanding digital picture and sound on affordable Hi8TM and 8mm tapes. Offers up to 500 lines of resolution with 3X the color bandwidth of VHS and significantly lower video noise.
1/6" Color CCD, 460K Pixels
1/6" CCD with 460,000 pixels provides stunning detail and clarity, with exceptional video and still image performance.
25x Optical Zoom/700x Digital Zoom
Allows for zooming in on subjects or pulling back for wide shots. Precision Digital Zoom uses a Hyper-Precision CCD to maintain brilliant image detail.
Super LaserLink™ Wireless Transmission System
Allows the user to transmit audio and video, via infrared, from the camcorder to the optional IFT-R20 LaserLink® receiver, at a distance of up to 26 feet. The Super LaserLink® system eliminates the need for connecting video cables.or adapters for true worry-free playback.
SteadyShot™ Picture Stabilization
The SteadyShot system offers one of the most effective, and the most power efficient, image stabilization systems available on the market. SteadyShot utilizes motion sensors located in the lens assembly area that are designed to sense camcorder motion, not subject motion.
The Hyper-Precision SteadyShot system uses an oversized CCD chip (up to 470K pixels). Only 270K pixels are required to deliver excellent picture quality. The extra pixels on the chip can be used to compensate for both horizontal and vertical motion of the camcorder, different from digital image stabilizing systems.
SteadyShot virtually eliminates camcorder shake, without degrading the picture quality. The Hyper-Precision CCD simply turns off and on the appropriate pixels every 1/60th of a second to compensate for the motion of the camera. Furthermore, because the Hyper-Precision system doesn't require complex moving parts, it draws significantly less power from the camcorder battery.
Super NightShot™ O Lux System
Capture video even when shooting in total darkness (0 lux) using the built-in infrared system up to ten feet away. The Super NightShot® mode automatically adjusts the shutter speed to increase picture brightness and clarity.
7 Mode Program A/E
This provides a quick and easy setting for the proper exposure, shutter, and depth of field for a variety of environments. The 7 modes are Portrait, Beach & Ski, Sport Lesson, Landscape, Spotlight, Sunset & Moon and Low Lux.
Playback Zoom
During video playback, pause mode you can zoom in up to 2x closer.
Photo Mode
Using Sony's unique Adaptive Frame Interpolation for better image quality, you can store hundreds of individual still images with 7 seconds of audio each onto the tape.
LP Recording
Sony's Digital8® camcorders feature LP recording mode for up to 90 minutes of spectacular digital video on a standard P6-120 Hi8TM cassette.
12-Bit/16-Bit PCM Digital Stereo
16-bit recording capability offers the same, outstanding sound quality as Compact Disc. 12-bit recording enables you to transfer the recorded signal via i.LINK® equipped video devices and a growing range of compatible PCs for dubbing and non-linear editing.
Hi8™ and 8mm Video Playback
Playback existing library of 8mm and Hi8TM analog recordings.
2½" SwivelScreen™ LCD Display (61,000 Pixels)
Provides excellent viewing clarity with improved resolution. Rotate color LCD up to 270-degrees to provide multiple viewing angles for recording and playback flexibility.
Stamina® Power Management System 10 Hours Recording (Using Optional NP-FM91 Battery)
The Sony DCR-TRV330 Digital8® Handycam® camcorder will record up to 10 hours, using the viewfinder, with the optional NP-FM91 InfoLithium® M-series battery.
InfoLithium® Battery with AccuPowerTM Meter System:
Rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries mean no "memory effect." Sony's exclusive AccuPowerTM meter displays the battery time remaining in minutes, in the viewfinder or LCD screen.
i.LINK™ DV Interface (IEEE1394)
Allows high speed bi-directional digital communication between two devices equipped with a IEEE 1394 interface, including camcorders, digital VTRs, capture cards and PCs.
Analog-to-Digital Conversion with Pass-Through
Convert and/or record any analog NTSC video source to digital video via the DCR-TRV330's analog inputs. Analog NTSC video can also be passed through the DCR-TRV330 directly to a PC via the i.LINK® interface in real-time.
Digital Program Editing
Allows you to select a sequence of 20 scenes and then controls dubbing via i.LINK® to another i.LINK® camcorder, or via infra-red remote to an analog VCR. Controls both Sony and other brand camcorders and VCRs.
Intelligent Accessory Shoe
Another Sony exclusive, the Intelligent Accessory Shoe not only provides power to any of the Intelligent Accessories, such as the HVL-S3D 3 Watt Video Light, the TGV-7 TV Tuner Pack, or the ECM-HS1 Zoom Mic, it also provides synchronized on/off operation, and in the case of the zoom mic, it actually changes the pickup pattern of the mic to match the zoom lens.
Drop Frame Time Code
Provides hours, minutes and seconds for precision editing.
7 Fader Modes
Fade to Black, Mosaic, Overlap, Wipe, Monotone, Bounce and Random Dot.
8 Picture Effects
For creative enhancements. Choose from Mosaic, Solarization, Monotone, Sepia, Negative Art, Pastel, Slim and Stretch.
6 Digital Effects
Provide expanded digital creative options. Choose from Old Movie, Luminance Key, Flash Motion, Still, Trail and Slow Shutter.
16:9 Wide Mode
Enables you to record and playback in the wide screen 16:9 aspect ratio, for compatibility with the new Digital Television (DTV) standard.
Technical Specifications
Swivel Screen LCD 2½ " , 61,000 Pixels Screen
Imaging Device: 1/6 Inch, 460k Gross Pixels CCD1/6 Inch
Video Actual 290K Pixels
F 1.6-2.7mm
Optical Zoom 25x
Digital Zoom 700x
Focal Length 2.4-60mm
Focal Length (35mm Conversion) 42-1050mm (camera mode)
Filter Diameter 37mm
Focusing Full Range Auto/Manual Ring
Minimum Illumination: 4 Lux (0 Lux with NightShot® System)
Shutter Speeds: 1/4-1/4000 (in AE mode)
Viewfinder Black & White Viewfinder
Video Input/Output Special Mini A/V
Audio Input/Output Stereo, Special Mini A/V
i.LINK® DV Interface (IEEE 1394) Yes, bi-directional
Headphone Jack Stereo Mini
Control L (LANC) Terminal Stereo Mini-Mini
MIC Input Stereo Mini
White Balance: Automatic only
Exposure Auto/Manual Dial (24 steps)
Power Consumption (VF/LCD/VF+LCD) 3.0W/3.9W/4.1W
Accessory Shoe Intelligent
Weight (without tape and battery) 1 lb 15 oz (900g)
Dimensions 3 3/8" x 4 1/8" x 8 1/8" (85 x 102 x 205.5mm)

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