FS: Pioneer CLD-D704 Laserdisc Player and Sony Demod RF1


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Mar 6, 2000
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Hey guys after much debate I am getting out of the LD game. I am the original owner and have babied and pampered this player and guarantee it works flawlessly unlike players off of Ebay.

The Pioneer CLD-D704 Laserdisc player is one of the most highly regarded laserdisc players Pioneer had to offer in its non-Elite line. Some people say it's as good if not better than some of the Elite models.The performance of this player received rave reviews from editors across the country. For optimal Y/C separation, Pioneer includes a 3-line digital comb filter in addition to digital memory for full effects on both CAV and CLV discs. Also included is optical and coaxial digital out (for DTS and PCM), AC-3 RF out (for Dolby Digital), Variable Digital Noise Reduction, and jog shuttle dials on the player and the remote. The CLD-D704's video signal-to-noise ratio is an amazing 51dB and includes a new "quick turn" mechanism for faster disc flipping.

It has no scratches or dents on the unit itself and is pretty much in mint condition. It plays laserdics and cd's perfectly. I only really used it for watching Star Wars and Indiana Jones once in a while so it hardly has any wear on it. I have all the original packaging....box,manual,remote,everything. Selling for $420 + shipping.

I also have the Sony Demodulator Mod-RF1 for $150.

Email me with any questions thanks.

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