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FS: Pioneer CLD-D606 LDP + Star Wars Trilogy LDs + more - S.F. Bay Area (1 Viewer)

Apr 30, 2002
well, i'm moving in to a super small (700 sq. ft.) condo in the city and most of my stuff has got to go!! my loss is your gain! for sale today are the following laserdisc related items.
Pioneer CLD-D606 Laserdisc Player - S-Video out, AC-3 RF out, Optical Audio out, Dual Sided Play - A very nice player for all you Laserdisc Home Theater needs. Player is in like new condition. Comes with remote, owner's manual, and original box. $300.00
Pioneer CLD-S201 Laserdisc Player - Composite Video out and L&R Audio out - A solid yet basic player in very good condition. Great to have for backup! Comes with remote and owner's manual. $50.00
Pioneer MA-9 Microphone Mixer w/ Shure Microphone - Four channel mic mixer that works great for karaoke. Will allow microphone to be mixed over any source so that it can be used both with karoke lds and dvds. Unit is in like new condition and comes with the owner's manual. $50.00
Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition Laserdisc Box Set - Need i say more!?! Set is in like new condition. $100.00
Star Wars Trilogy Definitive Collection Laserdisc Box Set - Once again, this item needs no explanation. Also in like new condition. $100.00
i would very much prefer to sell these items to someone here in the s.f. bay area as shipping them would be costly and potentially dangerous (for the ld players). i would also be willing to work out a deal with anyone who is interested in everything i have listed. i can be contacted at [email protected] . thanks a lot.

Grant B

Senior HTF Member
Mar 29, 2000
Super small???
I lived in a condo under 500sq for years in the city...700 that's like a palace ;)
If I sell my CLD 504, I am interested in your 201.
My wife uses it in the 2nd bedroom (we have 1500 sq ft now! ) and hence the AC3 output is wasted
Good luck
[email protected]

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