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Bill Geiger

Second Unit
Feb 8, 2002
Something has come up which is resulting in me having to sell off a lot of my collection. Instead of listing the usual titles, I have instead decided to go with my discs that I felt I couldn't part with prior but since this situation has come up, it needs to be done. A few of these are OOP. Prices have been compared with Half.com where possible.

The Superbits listed below include both R1 & R3. The ones that are R3 (which are labled as such) are just like their R1 counterparts and are playable on R1 players. No need to be region free to play them.

Shipping is $1.55 doe 1 DVD. 2-4 DVDS is $2.25. Boxsets are $3.85 Priority (for 1) or $2.50 Media for more than 1. Payment via paypal, non credit card of course!

Beauty and the Beast: Platinum Edition OOP $20
Bram Stoker's Dracula: Superbit R3 $14
Desperado: Superbit $15
Dinosaur: 2-Disc Collector's Edition OOP $20
The Emperor's New Groove: The Ultimate Groove: Collector's Edition $23
Hard Rain DTS R2 Japan $25

Kill Bill: Vol. 1 Premium Box: Limited Edition OOP R2 Japan $85
  • Uncut Version in Full Color & Extended Scenes
  • [email protected] Still Sealed
  • T-shirt Still Sealed
  • Sword Still Sealed

Labyrinth: Superbit $16
Lawrence of Arabia: Superbit (Sealed) $17
Legends Of The Fall: Superbit $16
The Lion King: Platinum Edition $15
Lion King 1 1/2 $15

Meet Joe Black: Ultimate Edition OOP $50
  • Stickers still intact

Men In Black: Superbit R3 $12
The Patriot: Superbit (2 Disc) R3 $14
Pulp Fiction: Collector's Edition $15
Quick And The Dead: Superbit R3 $14
Resident Evil: Superbit $16
Shawshank Redemption DTS R2 Japan $26
Sleeping Beauty: Special Edition *SOLD*
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: Platinum Edition OOP

Toy Story: The Ultimate Toy Box: Collector's Edition OOP $85

True Romance: Director's Cut $16

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