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Oct 12, 1998
Well, I'm putting this unit back up for sale, because after I had a HTF member commit to it over a month ago, he essentially renigged on the deal, and is avoiding my calls. Its the first time in buying or selling that I've ever had a problem with HTF member, and hopefully it will be the last. So, anyways...the player is back up for sale.
I'm selling my CLD-99, it is in mint condition and I have the manual as well as the remote. Works and plays beautifully! I'm asking $800 OBO, plus shipping. I live in the Bay area, so if you're close we could set up something. For those that don't know, this is the THE REFERENCE LD player. With an Optical and RF out as well as one of the best 3-d comb filters available.
I also have for sale 2 other LD players if you guys are interested:
DVL-919: Combination DVD/LD player, with optical, RF & coax out, Champagne color, Region 0,works perfectly, small sratch on front loading tray, comes with remote, asking $600 OBO plus shipping
E-mail me if you are interested in any of these at:
[email protected]
As I said, I'm the Bay area, so if you're local I'll be happy to meet you and let you try them out.
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Mar 28, 2000
Ashwan, it is against Forum rules to trash another member here. The outcome of your previous sale attempt certainly was not desirable, but there is absolutely no reason to publicly disparage a person over it. Maybe there are extenuating circumstances that explain what happened. Even if there aren't, there is no reason to disparage another Forum member.
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