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FS: Aura Bass shakers,, Aura PROs, & Rolen Star Transducers (1 Viewer)

Mike Kao

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Oct 31, 2000
I have a pair of new used 25 watt Aura AST1B4 bass shakers along with a pair of 50 watt Aura Pro's & 4 full-range Rolen Star Transducers. I'm leaving for college in a couple of weeks and don't really have much time left to mess around with these, so I'm putting them up for sale! I'm asking for $24 + shipping for the AST1B4's, $69 + shipping for the Pro's, and only $35 + shipping for the 4 Rolen Star's (these retail for $60 EACH!) I also have 1 semi-modded 25 watt Aura if anyone's interested. It looks messy inside, but I melted off about 40% of the 'spider' legs. Took me nearly an hour... $15 plus shipping I guess?
If you're interested please leave a post and drop me an e-mail!
Items I'm looking for in trade include:
200-400 watt Monoblock or bridgeable amp (or sub amp)
SPL sound level meter
Speaker Selector
quality digital coaxial audio cable 8' - 12'
Small x10 video cameras (or something similar)
Quality Subwoofer
Room air conditioner
Gattaca on DVD

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