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FOX: Power Rangers (1 Viewer)

Oct 9, 2000
This series is a guilty pleasure of mine. I loved it as a teen and still enjoy going back and rewatching my favorite tapes.
I believe FOX owns the rights to this TV show. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
First off I want to thank you for releasing the dual DVD set of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Movie & Turbo Power Rangers Movie. They were both wonderful and at least my transfers were very clean with just a few minor artifacts.
Now on to my question: Is there any chance of this show being released to DVD? This would be one that I wouldn't even mind if the VHS tapes released were the only ones done.
I personally am most interested in replacing my Green Ranger series (my 5 tapes are looking a little worn.) Just a suggestion if this is going to happen could we get all the episodes in a particular series on 1 DVD.
The Green Ranger Saga was 5 30 minutes tapes which should fit perfectly on 1 DVD, with room left over for the mini interviews that were done.
Thank you for your time.
Melanie :)

David Lambert

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Aug 3, 2001
My son would love this on DVD!
( here's his bedroom wall: )

As you might guess, he owns the Double Feature DVD...plus every VHS currently on the market! He knows all versions of the series, and knows their theme songs by heart.
He's a few months short of 4, by the way. :)
If the Power Rangers series came to DVD (and yeah, Melanie...it's Fox/Fox Kids that owns it), then he would be in heaven. Hell, I'd watch 'em with him...they're not bad at all, most of 'em.
Season Box Sets for recent series like Time Force, Lightspeed Rescue, and Lost Galaxy would probably sell well. Especially since each of those series follow their own story arc, post-Countdown To Destruction (where all the previous Ranger incarnations - and the Zordon connection - have their storylines wrapped up at once).
I'm not sure how the original MMPR's would end up on DVD. It's 155 ½-hour shows over 3 seasons, when there was a new episode daily. I guess 3 box sets of 7 discs would get them all out, but that would probably be "X-Files" price range.

Oh, I guess I'd have to break down and get them all for the boy. Maybe Zeo and Turbo seasons could be combined into one box set to make up for it. Also, these DVD's won't need much in the way of extras...just the shows themselves would do, I think.
Anyway, I'm thinking out loud here. I definately prefer the in-episode-order, season box set approach for all TV series. I'm not sure if Fox would go for it, but there ARE a LOT of Power Ranger fans out there...boys and girls both.
I'm probably kidding myself. It would almost certainly end up as best-of collections, same as the VHS's are. Pooh.

Any other support? Peter Staddon, any comments?

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