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Discussion in 'DVD' started by RyanAn, Aug 13, 2004.

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    In 1998-9, when I got my first DVD player, I remember seeing on some DVDs that short message "With more than 10,000 movies on DVD..." - at the time that seemed like a lot of DVDs, and it still is to this day. Is there an up-to-date tally of official region 1 releases or at least a total of all regions? Also, Laserdisc, BETA, VHS?

    With my collection slowly reaching 1,000 entries I thought of how a few years ago, I would of had 1/10 of the entire market. heh.


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    36,068 total DVDs not including adult and discontinued titles. You can check thedigialbits.com for updated numbers. The update the numbers every few weeks, so it's usually pretty current.
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    Julien Wilk at the LaserDisc Database is trying to construct an archive of all the LDs ever. This is a fairly straightforward job since there were so few pressing plants, virtually no LD recorders, &c., although often the industrial titles are hard to pin down. So far he has 35 184 validated and 2546 pending for a grand total of 37 730, which is definitely missing a couple of thousand -- Army training discs and such.

    As for other formats, just about anybody could record and market a VHS tape [and has done], and I don't think there is ever a chance of putting that particular Humpty Dumpty together again. Sony was the only source for official Betamax releases, so asking them might find that out, but again there is the unofficial ones to deal with. And I have a delicacy about accepting anybody's count of DVD releases just as I would a similar count of CDs.

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