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DVD Player with excellent anamorphic downconversion

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Mario_C, Sep 8, 2001.

  1. Mario_C

    Mario_C Stunt Coordinator

    May 15, 2001
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    I want a new DVD player for 480i playback only with excellent anamorphic downconversion. Currently I have a Sony DVP-S530D.
    After reading the review of the Sony DVP-NS700P in The Perfect Vision I am seriously considering this player. The reviewer stated that this DVD player has none of the typical Sony Softness and the smoothest, most artifact-free downconversion he has ever seen. Better than the Pioneer Elite DV37 and Camelot Technology Roudtable.
    I don't care about it's 480p performance ot the chroma bug.
    You comments and recomndations are welcome.
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  2. Jim A. Banville

    Jim A. Banville Supporting Actor

    Jun 20, 1999
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    Good luck getting input on this [​IMG]
    I asked the same question several days ago and got no responses.
    I actually had a NS700P for a few days. My recollection was that it's anamorphic downconvertion was just as soft as the Sony DVP360S I had prior to it. Either I had a bum unit or my eyes were playing tricks on me. You'd think that if Sony "improved" the player's anamorphic downconversion, they'd mention it in the markerting blurb. They sure don't fail to mention every other tiny improvement!
    Anyway, if the Sony's downconversion hasn't truly improved, I suggest either Panasonic or Pioneer DVD players. They both provide a good medium between a sharp picture and few artifacts. Toshiba's picture is VERY sharp, but is unwatchable on my 53" TV due to the numerous artifacts! And as you know, Sony has nearly no artifacts, but the picture is too soft (for a larger screen, anyway). I'm SO curious about the NS700P's alleged improved downconversion, I'm tempted to buy one from Circuit City or some other place with a liberal return policy, just to see if in fact Sony has improved the downconversion!
  3. Philip Hamm

    Philip Hamm Lead Actor

    Jan 23, 1999
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    I recently went from a Proscan 8680 with perfect downconversion and chroma bug to a Technics DVD-A10 with Panasonic style downconversion and no chroma bug. I prefer the latter. For 4:3 Panasonic is good. There are some jaggies when compared to the Proscan (or I assume a Sony) but the picture is very sharp on a large 4:3 rear projector like mine.
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