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Bob Movies

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Oct 15, 2000
Is anyone else as excited as I am to see this?!? I love Woody Allen, I've been a fan of his movies for a few years now. Ever since 'Sweet and Lowdown' I've seen his new movies on opening night in the theatre. I've also seen about ten of his older films in theatres, and the rest on video (of course on DVD when available).
I think that this film looks hilarious! I couldn't stop laughing during the preview, and I've winced twice as the release date has been pushed back (originally supposed to be out May 4, then moved to August 10, finally being released tonight)
I've already got my ticket, and I'm ready to laugh, even though this is getting panned across the board in the newspaper reviews (and online). I think that a lot of reviewers have a hard time seperating Woody Allen's personal life from his films.
Personally, I find Woody Allen (the man) very funny. Just watching his reaction to the events that unfold in front of him makes me laugh. Does anyone out there still support a good old-fashioned Woody Allen comedy?
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Apr 1, 2001
While I won't be seeing this opening night (my friends are going to Jay and Silent Bob, so that's where I'll be), I am excited to see this. I'm glad that the last two Woody Allen movies (Curse and Small Time Crooks) both got wider releases than his previous works. I had to drive to a small theater in Orlando to see Sweet and Lowdown while I don't Celebrity played anywhere near here!

Adrian Jones

Tim Gerdes

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Sep 1, 1999
Trenton, NJ
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Tim Gerdes
quote: Is anyone else as excited as I am to see this?!? I love Woody Allen, I've been a fan of his movies for a few years now.[/quote]
Woody Allen is my favorite director, and I am eagerly awaiting this latest film. I have plans to see it with a group of friends this evening.
My parents were Woody Allen fans, and I can remember watching films like "Take the Money and Run" and "Bananas" as a kid. I rediscovered his work when I was in high school, and have been going to see his films on opening night since "Crimes and Misdemeanors".
Fortunately, I live pretty close to New York or I would have likely missed a few in the theaters - "Shadows and Fog" comes to mind.
I'm trying not to get my hopes up for "Jade Scorpion" as I was disappointed in "Small Time Crooks".
I will likely post my thoughts later this evening.
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Mar 31, 1999
Dublin, Ireland.
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Woody Allen still remains one of my gods of cinema, though he has chosen in the last ten tears not to tackle more serious themes, there have been many gems, such as "Everyone Says I love You", "Deconstructing Harry" and "Sweet and Lowdown". I long for the day when he'll attempt another "Hannah" or "Crimes".
He's a unique anomoly in the US it seems. Because no matter how well his new films are trumpeted by the critics and showered with oscar nominations, and winning on many occasions, no more people seem to go to see the film as a result.
I was so delighted to see the box office success of "Small Time Crooks", which was his biggest succes since "Crimes and Misdemeaners", untill I actually got to see the film. Then I realised this was as result of it's wide distribution and promotion by Dreamworks as opposed to the quality of the film which I thought was so throwaway and forgetfull. What a disappointment that night was!
I can't wait for "Jade Scorpion". Probably not till next year here in Ireland.
Woody has got to be the only director in America with a new film in the theatres, the next one already in the can, and is currently casting the one after that!

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