Comcast's (Philly) response regarding HD channels

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    blah blah blah.....negotiations my @$$. Make the deal for cryin out loud! I know Fox's "digital widescreen" is a sorry excuse for HDTV, but I'd prefer to watch a digital 16:9 image to a crappy analog 4:3 image stretched out on my TV. As for the other networks...apparently Comcast plans to decide when "a limited amount" is enough. Maybe if all the Comcast HD subscribers let Comcast know that if its in HD...WE WANT IT! Feel free to email Steve Kraft and let him know you want UPN and WB, as well as Fox's widescreen crap...I mean broadcasts. [email protected]
    Dear xxxxxxx:
    Thank you for your interest in High Definition. With regard to your question about CBS - Comcast is already in negotiations with Viacom regarding the addition of CBS on HD. However, Viacom has not finalized the terms of their proposed agreement for providing this content to us. With regards to your request for Fox HD programming - Fox currently does not provide any programming in HD format. In addition, both UPN and WB currently only provide a very limited amount of HD programming and as a result we have decided not to add these at this time. We truly welcome your feedback and comments. Please feel to contact me if you have any additional questions.
    Steve Kraft
    Area Marketing Manager
    Comcast of Philadelphia
    [email protected]
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    You could watch the important 4x3 content, you know, not stretched...

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