International classic American westerns released only in region 2

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    Richard W
    Any thoughts people may have, suggestions, corrections, contributions to this checklist are invited:
    Fox (U.K.) (Mexico):
    1952 Viva Zapata! -- I recommend the Mexican DVD which is excellent quality and NTSC
    Koch (Germany):
    1948 Black Bart
    1949 Streets of Laredo
    1952 Horizons West
    1955 Chief Crazy Horse
    1958 From Hell to Texas
    1960 Hell Bent For Leather
    1976 From Noon Till Three
    Llamentol (Spain):
    1956 Red Sundown
    Manga Films (Spain):
    1947 Roughshod
    Odeon Entertainment Ltd (U.K.):
    1940 North West Mounted Police
    1947 Unconquered
    1948 Blood On the Moon
    1948 Rachel and the Stranger
    1948 Station West -- releases December 3
    1952 The Big Sky
    1956 Walk the Proud Land
    1961 Posse From Hell
    1973 Charley One-Eye
    Optimum Home Entertainment (U.K.):
    1946 Canyon Passage
    1951 Rawhide
    1956 Backlash
    1964 Bullet For a Bad Man
    1961 The Deadly Companions
    1968 Stranger On the Run
    Pegasus (U.K.):
    1952 The Battle at Apache Pass
    1955 Man Without a Star
    1955 Smoke Signal
    1956 Pillars of the Sky
    1966 Incident at Phantom Hill
    Sony Pictures (Spain):
    1958 Gunman's Walk
    USony Pictures (U.K.):
    1961 Two Rode Together
    Suevia Films (Spain):
    1957 Run of the Arrow
    Universal (Dutch):
    1962 Six Black Horses
    Impulso Records - 20th Century Fox (Spain):
    1950 Two Flags West
    1972 When the Legends Die
    Impulso Records - Warner Home Video (Spain):
    1954 The Bounty Hunter
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    A few more off the top of my head :

    Llamentol (Spain)
    Money, Women and Guns
    Apache Drums
    Last of the Fast Guns
    Joe Dakota
    Guns of Fort Petticoat
    7th Cavalry

    Impulso/Fox (Spain)
    The Secret of Convict Lake
    Powder River
    City of Bad Men
    Siege at Red River
    Cattle Empire

    Suevia (Spain)
    Destry 1954

    Universal (France)

    Koch Germany
    The Man from Bitter Ridge
    Untamed Frontier
    The Great Sioux Uprising (these three are also available via Llamentol in Spain)

    Pegasus (UK)
    Column South
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    Unconquered, Canyon Passage and Rawhide have had region one releases. I have them. Unconquered was released by Universal in 2007 and Canyon Passage also in 2007 as part of Universal's Classic Western Round-Up Volume 1 collection. Rawhide (1951) was released by Fox in 2008 as part of a box set called Fox Western Classics that also included Garden Of Evil and The Gunfighter.
    Not on your list but I have Calamity Jane And Sam Bass with Yvonne De Carlo and Howard Duff from Universal France and Montana Belle with Jane Russell from England courtesy of Odeon. From Italy I have Ticket To Tomahawk with Anne Baxter and Dan Dailey. From Australia I have Drum Beat with Alan Ladd. From Germany, Sitting Bull (1954) in 2.35 but a mediocre transfer but at least in its scope format.
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    Dafydd Jones
    Black Patch is also available from Cornerstone (U.K). Not a bad film as I recall but more famous nowadays for being Jerry Goldsmith's first film score.
    Also...just as a follow-up to Colin's post above about the Suevia release of Bullwhip in Spain. I tried to order this through Amazon Spain in the summer and after a while I got a cancellation notice saying that it was now discontinued.
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    Richard W
    A couple of those titles are available stateside in compilations, Colin.
    Black Patch is available here as well, Dafydd.
    I will update the checklist. Or shopping list, as the case may be.
    Thanks immensely for your input, everyone.
    Do keep checking back for revisions.
    Recently the studio MOD programs have released a number of American westerns that had only been released in Europe, or the checklist would be a lot longer.
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    Two other corrections:
    From Noon Till Three did at some point have an R1 release from MGM. It seems to be quite rare these days. I didn't even know the release existed until I found it at Big Lots recently for $3!
    Also, Viva Zapata! is available in R1 Blu-Ray as part of The Elia Kazan Collection, Volume 2 from FoxConnect.
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    Currently available from Amazon @ $4.99 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plus shipping. It's a damn good set too! I paid a lot more than that.

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