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  1. Michael John

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    Dec 11, 2001
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    Canare TS100E: 5-Way Cable Stripping Tool - Retail $135.00

    Canare TC1: Crimp Hand Tool - Retail $85.00 Canare TC-D-5CF: Die Set for BCP-77A BNCs & L-5CFB, V-5CFB, LV-77S & 8281F Cable - Retail $66.00

    Used to make approximately 25 cables.

    These are the tools required to make the following cables: component, coaxial, subwoofer, audio interconnects, composite video, and CATV.

    The tools make it a virtual no-brainer to turn out perfect cables every time.

    $200 plus shipping and handling.

    I accept money order or check. If money order is chosen as payment method unit will ship the day after payment is received. If check is chosen as payment method unit will ship the day after the check has cleared.
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    Sep 10, 1999
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    Michael, I am interested in these tools. E-mail me at [email protected] with your address and a total for price+shipping and I will send you a check. Steve Russell

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