Can someone translate (interpret) the specs for my receiver?

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by Andre Barros, Dec 16, 2003.

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    I know it might sound stupid but I would like to have an idea of the real power of my receiver just for kicks. There is a nice example on the Primers of how the numbers that manufacturesr put out are "manipulated" and there is even an example with an estimate on what the real power would be judging by fictional numbers used in the example. Could someone make an estimate for my Pionner 411? I would do it myself however I don't know how the THD and the frequency range factor in.

    Continous power output:

    Front, center and surround - 100 watts per channel (1kHz, 1,0% of THD at 8 ohms)

    They also say in the Amplifier Section:

    Continuous average power output of 100 watts* per channel, min., at 8 ohms, from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz with no more than 0.2%** THD.

    *Measured persuant to the Federal Trade Comission's Trade Regulation rulo on POwer Putput Claims for Amplifiers.

    **Measured by Audio Spectrum Analyzer.

    Well, that got me confused because in the first part they do somethings that should not be done like using the 1Khz point and listing a 1.0% THD.

    On the second part they list the specs the way they should be according to the Primers, for example measuring the power in the 20Hz-20,000Hz range and listing a 0,2% THD.

    Note that they have put two observations on the second set of specs regarding how things were measured but I have no idea what either one means so...



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    What is the maximum power it will draw from the AC power?
    How many total amps / channels does it have???

    If it says like 300watts, and there is 6 amps, each amp will not even be able to do 50watts RMS per channel, all channels driven.

    Laws of physics start to come into play here.

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