Bryston PowerPac 300, mint monoblocks amps

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    Bryston PowerPac 300 mint, nearly new 5 monoblocks
    Asking $1200.00 each or best offer
    New Retail $1495.00 each
    Condition: Nealy New
    Included Box, Manual

    Pay Terms Money Order, PayPal

    Set of 5 Bryston PowerPac 300 Amps

    Mint, as-new set of five (5) Bryston PowerPac 300 Amps. Original owner. Great for a 5 channel home theater system. These are the very latest SST version, and equivalent to the 4BSST amp, except in monoblock format. Sequential serial numbers. 300 watts per channel into 8 ohms, 500 watts into 4 ohms. You can use balanced (or unbalanced) line inputs and get the amps close to the speaker, for maximum resolution and control. Famous 20 year Bryston transferable warranty, with 19 years and 10 months remaining.

    These were used briefly in my home theater before I decided to go with a tube amplification system. These amps are otherwise just like they came out of the box from the factory, in perfect condition mechanically and electrically, with all original factory boxes, manuals, warranty cards, and accessories.

    These monoblock amps offer ultimate detail and resolution, speaker control, speed, transparency, dynamics, vanishing distortion, and total absence of noise. They offer all the strengths of well-engineered solid state bipolar amplification. If you like bipolar solid state sound, you can’t do better at the price than these excellent, extremely quiet and transparent amps.

    Price is $1200 per amp, or $6000 for set of 5 amps, plus shipping. Will consider splitting the set of 5, so make an offer if you want fewer than 5. Email me with any questions. Paypal add 3%. Buyer pays shipping and insurance.

    See the excellent reviews of the 4BSST amp (the equivalent stereo amp) on the Bryston web site at:

    For more information, see the Bryston web site at:

    Specifications from Bryston:

    PowerPac 300 SST Specifications
    Power Output 300 watts per channel into 8 ohms
    500 watts per channel into 4 ohms
    Gain 29dB (unbalanced)
    23dB (balanced)
    Distortion < 0.007% from 20kHz at 120 watts, IM or THD
    Noise >106dB below rated output
    Slew Rate > 60 volts per microsecond
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    my name is Frank Varano and I'm interested in buying a couple of Bryston PowerPac 300. I'm offering you $ 2000 for both plus shipping costs.

    Can you contact me at [email protected], please?


    Best regards,

    Frank varano
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    Don't these newbs EVER check the original post date?

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