Bridging connectors for 1980s era Proton integrated amp

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by Jan Strnad, Sep 13, 2010.

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    I just bought a late-80s Proton integrated amplifier. It requires a connection between the pre-amp and the power amp, between two sets of RCA plugs about 3/4" apart. Right now I'm using standard 3' cables.


    I know I've seen metal U-shaped connectors for this sort of thing that would be much less cluttered than the cables I'm using. But I don't know what they're called and no one seems to know what I'm talking about when I try to find them for sale.


    Does anyone know the correct terminology?


    And does anyone know where I might find two of these suckers, whatever they're called?


    Many thanks!


  2. Leo Kerr

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    Uhm. Interesting. Never thought about what they were named.


    However, I have seen situations where instead of those, they had 3" RCA cables in-place..


    Quickly looking around, I did find a site selling 6" RCAs -- single channel, 8-packs.


    Alternatively, something you could try... I don't have a cable handy, but seems to me, the center pin is about 0.125" diameter (1/8" inch.) Maybe you could just get some #8 or #10AWG solid (not stranded) copper wire, strip off about 3" of it (or however long,) and carefully bend it into shape. Just be sure it doesn't touch the outer conductor of the RCA jacks.


    okay, a quick check: center-pin is supposed to be 0.125". AWG 8 wire is 0.1285" diameter. Take some emory paper, garnet paper, or a finger-nail file, and shave the ends down a touch, and then poof! DIY nameless bridging connectors!




    edit: you may be able to get this wire, by the foot, from a Lowes or Home Depot. Check the Wire Machine.
  3. Wayne A. Pflughaupt

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    If the Proton’s RCA jacks have the spacing of standard OEM assemblies, then you might be in luck. You can probably use the ones that Yamaha used to connect the pre-outs and main-inputs with their vintage ’90s flagship home theater integrated amplifiers, such as the DSP-A3090. Yamaha called them “jumper bars” in the manual. Yamaha’s usually good about stocking parts for many years; give them a call @ 1-800-4YAMAHA.



    Wayne A. Pflughaupt

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