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Bond Free DVD missing from BB.com orders (1 Viewer)

John Millers

Stunt Coordinator
Nov 6, 2002
I received my Bond DVD in the mail today only to find out they forgot to send the free "Bond Girls Are Forever" DVD. After calling BB customer service the CSR made it sound as if everyone who order online didn't receive the free DVD. The CSR stated that the free DVD was out of stock and they would not be sending me one.

Yup, I just got back to work after using my lunch hour to make an in store complaint and return. They finaly processed my return after calling BB.com. I picked up a new Bond, the free DVD, and the Animatrix and headed to the counter. They also refused to accept my $5 Best Buy Animatrix CPN on top of their $14.99 sale price :angry: Out of the store I went.

I drove 10 miles to my neighborhood Best Buy and picked up Bond, the free DVD, the Animatrix/CD (yep I went for giftset this time) and headed to the counter. No problem at all. In fact the CSR volunteered a Circit City pricematch of $19.99 for the Animatrix gift set ,that I didn't even know about.:)

The result

Bond $14.99 + Free DVD
Animatrix/W CD $14.99

Total $31.92

I am done w/ Best Buy.com. The Deals are good and the free shipping is great. But they are not worth the hassel when the stores end up having the same if not better deals.

Andrea W

Supporting Actor
Mar 19, 2001
Real Name
Andrea Whitlock
Well, this page:



Pre-order Die Another Day (widescreen or fullscreen) online by May 30 and you'll receive a Best Buy exclusive bonus DVD, including:

"Bond Girls Are Forever" documentary (45 minutes)
Bond Girls photo gallery
Bond Girls timeline
James Bond DVD catalog trailer

So, the free Bond Girls Are Forever DVD should have been sent out with the online orders too. Not just in-store.

Matt Stryker

Oct 12, 2000
Land of the rolling tide
Real Name
Mine was missing too, I sent an email to [email protected].... now it says:

((Note: This coupon is good only in Best Buy stores and is not redeemable
online. Find the Best Buy store nearest you. See offer details.)
Not that I'm even that concerned anymore...this was honestly one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

EDIT: After reading DVDTalks thread on this, I called BestBuy (1-888-237-8289) and told them the situation. They responded that the issue is known and that my problem has been escalated to their investigations dept, and that the free DVD would be shipped to me. According to the guys over at DVDTalk, they will also send a $5 coupon, so that should make me feel a bit better about not getting the disc right away.

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