Avia and My speakers Question(SETUP)

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    I have the Avia setup disk. I have Energy take 5 speakers and Pioneer Elite 35 reciever, I have the new 5 disk Toshiba SD3577 Player. Question, I set all my speakers to small and sub to yes, Iam calaberatng my speakers using an SPL meter, WHen it comes to the section in AVIA where you have to ajust the sub to match all of the speakers to be like 75DBs on the SPL meter how do you do this, where do you set your sub level in your reciever and infront of the sub, How do you match your sub to all of the speakers levels?. I dont know if you understand my question. Also should I set my crossover to 80hz,100hz,150hz, they are my choices on my reciever, Shouldnt i set the sub crossover to 80hz thats the best right?
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    You need to listen closely to the Avia instructions.

    With a single sub it is usally set in relation to the left front speaker level.

    To determine how the sub crossover is set,you need to know the frequency response of your main speakers.

    Example,if their response is from 100HZ to 20,000HZ,set the

    crossover at 100HZ.

    The sub should have a gain control(level)as should your receiver.

    For a starting point,set the sub gain at half way,and see if your receiver has enough adjustment to lower or raise the sub level to the desired calibration level in relation to the left front speaker.

    Iam sure Mr.Ovation (Guy)will chime in,he is a frequent

    visitor to the board and can explain in great detail what to

    do.good luck

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