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arcam300 or anthem300 - budget retro AVR and set up advice please.. (1 Viewer)


Jan 30, 2018
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hi everyone,

I live out in the sticks and can't do any audio testing as hours away and setting up a home theatre in the cheap and using used as they were good when came out and only want basic surround with my ripped USB media straight into my ks8000 4k samsung tv (not sure about the hdcp2.2 handshake)
and digital out to the anthem300 or arcam300. I have a chance to choose between £250 for anthemMRX300 or £100 for the arcamAVR300 (with no sound correction included?)

I have been doing weeks of research on a new a/v amp.

I want good sound for USB 5.1 mkv movies and 320kbs mp3 mainly playing from my hard drive through the ks8000 and into the avr.

I have kef q5 and also mordaunt short MS25i floorstanders. wondering on the centre and rears too? prob some cheap MS vintage mordaunt short off ebay like MS20 or MR25 or MS5.10 and maybe save kef q5 for another room and use the spare channels for them.

so I like music of course and will prob want to really enjoy that with the kef q5's.
I do have a samson studio servo185 amp too for music service.

so I want to enjoy great movie sound and a MS speakers system plus my JBL360 12" subwoofer should do?

I could of got a bells and whistles 4k Onkyo for high impact sound and presence but would prefer the anthem clarity but with a quality equed ARC balanced sound.
But also the warmth of Cambridge. Nad and Arcam sound appealing. all buying blind and just going on reviews.

so I am leaning to the Anthem 300 even though I saw Anthem 700 go for £360.

so I appreciate any user experience and some inspiration and insight in basic surround speaker and the avr plus playing thru the tv advice.

Cheers very much!

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