Alain Delon in ZORRO coming November 6

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    Finally, the widescreen anamorphic full-length, uncut French version, with an English friendly option and the original score is being released by Somerville House:
    It's about twenty minutes longer than the re-scored cut-down American version which proliferates in cloudy public domain editions.
    The French original is highly regarded by those who've seen it.
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    Maybe The Black Tulip will be released next.
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    I haven't seen the disc yet, but it appears that only an English audio track is present. Given that Somerville House is a Canadian label, I find it odd that they would not include a French language option. Oh well, this is one of those "Euro-pudding" movies without a definitive original-language version. Delon speaks French, Stanley Baker speaks English, most of the rest of the cast Italian.

    I watched the American version in a theater in 1976. It was on a double bill with a German-made Love Bug ripoff called Superbug (also dubbed in English). I was a child then, and I have not seen either movie since. I do remember thinking that Zorro was the livelier of the two movies. The thing I most vividly remember is the annoyingly catchy theme song by Oliver Onions (aka the De Angelis brothers). It's truly an earworm.

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