About Best Buy's "10% off all Sci-Fi & Horror" sale

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by David Lambert, Oct 25, 2002.

  1. David Lambert

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    Be careful, and check the prices as they are scanned in. I picked up (with these sticker prices):
    • $14.99 Star Trek Vol 36
      $ 9.99 Rodan
      $ 9.99 New Outer Limits #1
      $ 9.99 New Outer Limits #2
    ST36 rang up at $19.99, surely due to BB's recent price increases. She automatically marked it back to $14.99 per the pricetag. Good so far.
    Rodan rang up at $9.49...50¢ cheaper than the sticker price. Cool; better than expected. [​IMG]
    But then...NONE of these titles automatically deducted 10% when she totaled it out! I questioned it, and she tried to tell me that Rodan was reduced "per the sale", and it should be the *only* one because its sticker said it was a SciFi section title. She then got the Media Dept. dude over, and together they informed me that the other 3 were not on sale, because they were "Television" section items! [​IMG]
    I asked for a manager, and eventually one was dragged over. I explained the situation to him, and stated that Rodan was NOT showing as 10% off of $9.99...that would be $8.99. I told him that you could not convince me that STAR TREK and OUTER LIMITS was *not* SciFi! He had his moment of indecision, then thought better of it for ~$4.50
    He joked about me swearing my undying loyalty to BB, and I responded that 600 DVDs purchased and 3 players ought to be good enough. He turned to the lady and said "take care of him", and she then deducted 10% from all four of those titles.
    [rant]Be Careful![/rant] This same situation could hit you if you are getting a SciFi/Horror title that they keep in Television, Box Sets, Anime, or Disney. Or have simply mislabeled. Be persistant and convincing; you ought to prevail.
  2. Carlos V III

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    May 4, 2002
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    I feel your pain! :wink:
    It's been my experience with my local BB that they'll always try to weasel out of their sales, but I always make sure to have the appropriate flyer with me and dare them to show me where I'm wrong. So far I've won every time.[​IMG]
    This sale specifically says sale on ALL Sci-Fi and Horror titles! I don't see anything saying only on non-sale DVD's (like they usually do), so when I go in tomorrow I'll be ready for them!
  3. Malcolm R

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    Feb 8, 2002
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    This sale was very odd. The discounts seemed totally random and I notice that on the flyer it doesn't say exactly what the "sale" is, just that all sci-fi and horror DVD's are "on sale." I made the following purchases which were subject to this sale; I didn't get 10% off either title:
    Army of Darkness: Bootleg Cut Sticker: $14.99, Receipt: $13.99 (6.66% discount)
    Gremlins 2: The New Batch Sticker: $14.99, Receipt: $14.24 (5% discount)
    I also bought The Fog, but that was already on sale for $12.99, so I didn't expect any further discount.
    But I couldn't find anywhere that actually stated the sale was for 10% off and all the discs were so cheap it wasn't worth my time to hassle over a few cents, so I just paid and left. [​IMG]

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