A screen for my Optoma HD131xe projector. Kingpin or Elite? And more.

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Thijs, May 12, 2014.

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    Hi all,
    I bough a Optoma HD131xe projector last year and absolutely love it. It is definitely time to start looking for a proper screen, cause i am still projecting on my wall, a white wall that is full of small holes and other stuff. It is time to do the HD131xe some real justice. Ever since the projector arrived here, i've painted my walls and ceiling dark purple and soon i will have blackout curtains. Next: screen!

    I have two questions:1- Elite or Kingpin? The Kingpin screens website has a sale on a Kingpin screen that is around 90 inch for 449 euro, which is manual controlled. There's another one from Kingpin and is electric and costs 499 euros.Then there's also a Elite screen, around the same size and costs 189 euro and is manual. QUITE a big price difference, but i am willing to go for the Kingpin screen if it's totally worth it. If it means my picture quality during gaming and movies/shows will be much better...i would do that.2- How important is it truly if the screen is electric or manual? I read complaints about how electric screens sometimes break easily, especially if you use it a lot, which i do. I game and/or watch movies daily.This is the info for the Kingpin manual screen:A screen specially produced for the best picture reproduction. The frame is covered in velvet that prevents any possible disruptive reflections. The screen fabrics reproduce colour and light in a very natural way. We highly recommend this screen to the movie enthusiasts.This for the Kingpin electric screen:Smart designed electrical screen where the screen fabric comes out in the front of the cassette. Because of this con- struction a 7 cm gap between the wall and the screen is created. This function makes it easy to place the Crown in front of paintings and whiteboards. The quick installation system to the Crown saves both time and space.Both have 1.0 gain.I cannot find much info on the Elite..except for that it's Maxwhite and has 1.1 gain.If there's anyone here with some knowledge on this, enlighten me. I'd greatly appreciate that.
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    I have no real knowledge of those screens, if you are going for a roll up and down screen you might find it crinkles pretty easy after just a short time and that is very annoying, also consider a Grandview Cyber screen, link below, supposed to be better for avoiding crinkles.


    I have a dedicated room and have the screen on the wall, well really i made a frame over the window, a window i blacked out, walls, ceilings and floors too are blacked out and i put the screen on the frame and it's left there, that way i don't have to worry about rolling it up and down all the time.

    Electric or manual, well you pay extra for the luxury of a motor rolling the screen down, not a problem if you want to do it yourself and save cash, if it was me i'd go manual or simply have a fixed frame screen on your wall.

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