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Discussion in 'Blu-ray and UHD' started by Robert Harris, Feb 21, 2009.

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    Robert Harris
    Having seen a bit of The Tudors via cable, I wondered precisely how good this series could look in a far less compressed form, and waited for it to appear in Season form on home video.

    The first two seasons, as released here in the Colonies on SD was unable to provide an answer.

    However, thanks to our neighbors to the north, one can now see what a beautiful job is being done on these shot in Ireland, posted in Canada productions.

    From skin tones and facial details to the incredible patterns in costumes, viewing The Tudors in Blu-ray is a totally different, and in many ways, more immersive experience. Hopefully, it will be released domestically on BD in the near future, but for those who choose not to wait, the answer is simple.

    While far from historically accurate, The Tudors is a quality television experience, made even better on Blu-ray. The difference between the standard and Blu experience of this shot on HD production is immense.

    I like the sound of that. "It's better on Blu-ray!"

    Highly Recommended.

  2. Ted Kontos

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    Mr. Harris,

    I've had both seasons in a UK Blu-ray box set since October and watching them is an extremely satisfying experience. I had seen Season 1 on SD before buying the set and I agree that the BD is light years ahead of the SD version. The UK version is region-free, including all extras, and is priced to be equal, if not cheaper to, a US counterpart (if it ever happens). It should be noted that the UK version is on Sony, where in the US the release is on Showtime (Paramount, I believe). This may explain the ridiculous BD no-show here.
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    I've always wanted to watch this show. I'm glad to hear that our Canadian Blu-Ray sets are of excellent quality. I may have to pick these up sometime. [​IMG]
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    It's shot on HD camera. Looks great.

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