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    Help please, Can an RCA cable output DSP , Atmos etc...?

    Sorry newbie question ...I just made my first step into home theater separates... the only output connections are RCA & XLR... both analog right? So does all the cool processing functionality of my preamp actually get to the amp and then to the speakers??
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    How can I convert HDMI to RCA?

    I have an LG flatscreen with multiple HDMI and RCA audio inputs, but no audio outputs other than the optic out, which connects to a sound bar. My LG Bluray player has no audio outputs at all, other than through the HDMI. My Pioneer surround sound processor only has RCA inputs. I would like to be...
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    Impedance through RCA using plate amp?

    Hi, I'm rebuilding a 1970's stereo cabinet with modern components, It will be set up as a 2.1 system, I currently have qty (2) Sononance MAG6Rs for my mids and tweeters (8 ohms). I have a receiver that shows 6-16 ohms resistance (Denon AVR-1913) and the subwoofer driver I'm looking at...
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    RCA Cable grounding by design or short?

    Hello, I recently purchased an RCA interconnect cable pair where the left/right cables are bundled together in a single unit (as opposed to two independent cables one for left/one for right). My amplifier kept reporting a short with them so I checked with my multimeter and found out that all...