polk audio

  1. R

    5.1 Speaker recommendations.

    Hi, I'm kind of juggling with these four: Focal Sib Evo 5.1 Speaker Package with Powered subwoofer $540. Polk Audio TL1600 $582. Monitor Audio MASS 5.1 $1044. Q Acoustics 3010i 5.1 Cinema $1212. Monitor Audio is almost twice the price but I love it's sound, two of my buddies already have it...
  2. Kirilli

    need info for new polk audio system

    Hi there. I currently have a Pol Audio home theater (this one to be precise https://www.bestbuy.ca/fr-ca/produit/polk-audio-systeme-de-haut-parleurs-5-1-rm6750-de-polk-audio-pour-cinema-maison-6-haut-parleurs-rm6750-black-system/10077799), and i just saw that there is a bigger polk audio system...
  3. R

    Polk Monitor 70 series II or RTi A7 Floor Standing

    Folks, I am little confused if i have to buy a pair of Monitor 70 or RTi A7 for my FL/FR 5.2.4 home theater setup. I have fixed/reusing below setup but still confused on the floor standing speakers. Suggestion helps. Room size: 20' x11' approx Receiver: Denon x4500H 9.2 channel Rear : Polk...
  4. C

    Did my dd. need Speaker advice/opinions for first system.

    Okay bear with me I will try to explain this is clearly as I can there is a lot to write so I may miss a few things along the way. So I've been doing DD for the past month and as far as AV units I've decided on the Denon x4400h. The price isn't too horrible I can get one for around a grand it's...
  5. B

    pioneer sp-c22 vs polk audio cs10

    hi all, iam planning to build my own dedicated budget home theatre. I have a few doubts. please help me. my room size is 20*12 feet. i have decided to buy a denon avr-x2400h av receiver. i bought a pair of pioneer sp-fs52 floor standing speakers. i plan to buy a pair of polk t15 bookshelf...
  6. Todd Erwin

    Polk Audio Cyber Monday Up To 50% Off

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