multi room

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    Need Help with Some Basics!

    I apologize for the simplicity of these questions, or if similar questions have been answered in earlier posts. I am a novice, at best, when it comes to home theater components. When I built my house, I wired my living room for surround sound, and I also wired for L/R speakers in my kitchen...
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    Pioneer SC-1228-K Zone 2 digital audio

    Hi I'm looking for some help regarding multi-room configuration please. I have a Pioneer sc-1228-k AV Receiver with a 5.1 speaker setup in the main zone and 2.0 in zone 2. The zone 2 speakers are connected via the zone 2 speaker terminals. I'm able to output te tuner to the zone 2 speakers...
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    Multi Room Stereo setup not working using receiver/ speaker selector and bluetooth adapter

    I have pre-wiring for the following in my house: - 5 ceiling speakers for home theater in the living room - 2 speakers (with volume control) on deck - 2 speakers (with volume control) in kitchen - 1 speaker (with volume control) in master bath. All these connections are in the tv niche. so, I...