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    Need help with home prewired/installed for multi-room speaker system

    Hi all, novice here and need some advice on a multi-room speaker system that was pre-installed in my home (finally got around to utilizing it after many years!). Didn't receive any documentation or much information from the seller, so flying quite blind here. There are speakers installed in...
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    Need Help with Some Basics!

    I apologize for the simplicity of these questions, or if similar questions have been answered in earlier posts. I am a novice, at best, when it comes to home theater components. When I built my house, I wired my living room for surround sound, and I also wired for L/R speakers in my kitchen...
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    Pioneer SC-1228-K Zone 2 digital audio

    Hi I'm looking for some help regarding multi-room configuration please. I have a Pioneer sc-1228-k AV Receiver with a 5.1 speaker setup in the main zone and 2.0 in zone 2. The zone 2 speakers are connected via the zone 2 speaker terminals. I'm able to output te tuner to the zone 2 speakers...
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    Multi Room Stereo setup not working using receiver/ speaker selector and bluetooth adapter

    I have pre-wiring for the following in my house: - 5 ceiling speakers for home theater in the living room - 2 speakers (with volume control) on deck - 2 speakers (with volume control) in kitchen - 1 speaker (with volume control) in master bath. All these connections are in the tv niche. so, I...