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    Integra DTM 5.3 Replacement/Upgrade

    I have a home theatre with a 7.2 Denon Receiver powering the surround sound. I also have a Integra DTM 5.3 which powers 4 AuraSound ProBass Shakers. I want to upgrade it since it does not have modern inputs (HDMI) etc... Any suggestions on a replacement/Upgrade for my Integra Amp? Thanks In...
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    How to control Av Receiver from a different zone

    Hi, its my first time Buying an av receiver And want to know i can i can set it all up and learn how its all controlled. I was wondering how it works when connecting and controlling zone 2 and 3 with the av receiver (Integra DRX 3.2) As in ; I have a zone 2 (tv connected) in master bedroom...