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  1. Ben Truong

    Starting a Living Room Theatre! Need advice! Integra DLB5?

    Hello all! Well I am on the great journey of starting my home theatre in my living room! I am looking for a 2.1 or 3.1 system at the moment. I have done hours and hours and hours of researching and reading reviews and watching youtube videos and here are my options I think I can do. My current...
  2. DaveF

    Should I start buying UHD, even though I'm Blu-ray right now?

    I'm doing a major home theater upgrade to an HD front projector setup. So I'm buying movies on blu-rays for the first time in several years. I intend to upgrade to 4k in three years when projectors are affordable. Should I be buying UHD now rather than blu-ray? Do all UHD discs come with...