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  1. aard

    Everyday listening setup

    Hi. I have a surround sound setup but I dont wish to use it for everyday listening. I just turn it on for movie nights. I was wondering what other people do in this situation. Do people generally use a separate soundbar? Do they just use the centre channel speaker in a mono configuration...
  2. J

    Where to mount rear speakers in 5.1

    We're finishing a 32x28 basement area that will have a 40" TV in one corner. I know it's not the ideal AV setup but it will be a huge step up from what we're used to. I'd like to try a minimal 5.1 system. My question is how to place the rear speakers. I can mount them in the floor joist bays...
  3. B

    L-Shaped Room Acoustic Solution

    I am currently in the process of wrapping up construction of the 2x4 walls in my basement - soon to be home theater, but have a conflict of interest. Other members of my household want the room to be one big open space, (multipurpose room) while I intend to set it up in the best acoustical...