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    Southern Ontario - Kitchener, London, Brampton Etc. Meets

    Well Howdy people!! I've had to fry my computer recently because it refused to log me in to HTF anymore. ( I have a feeling my wife had something to do with it :D ) Now that I am up and running I'm trying to catch up on things. I replaced my Klispch fronts with Monitor AUdio silvers and...
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    Setting up a network for Xbox Live...a little help?

    Another voice to the pile. Is Xbox live open to anyone yet, or is it only certain areas and people?
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    $3000 panasonic lcd vs $7000 yamaha

    thanks for the info guys. I think after seeing the panny with a dvd in widescreen my bro in law is relatively happy with it. He doesn't want to see ahigh end one or he'll have to buy it. :D He's going to be playing a lot of video games on it, and he's been told that lcd's stand up better...
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    $3000 panasonic lcd vs $7000 yamaha

    Hey all. My bro in law is getting a new projector for his basement apartment. Big screen tv's won't fit down stairs so he is trying to figure out which way to go. I can get him a Panasonic PT-AE100 LCD projector for $3000 Or I can get the Yamaha DPX500 LCD projector for about $7000...
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    Stupid KLEZ worm

    I once bought a copy of a racing game from price club back in the days of dos and win3.1. It was a sealed copy from the factory and it had the stoned virus on it. I'm working a way and all of a sudden the screen turned funny and it told be that my computer was stoned. It didn't do any damage...
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    Do multivitamins really work/get absorbed?

    I talked to a nurse one time about pills and they call a lot of the vitamins out there bedpan bullets. She suggested checking you vitamins by putting them in some vinegar for a couple of hours and see if they disolve. If not they are a complete waste. On a another note there is Doctor Joel...
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    Help choosing a Sci/Fi book/series. Anything comparable to the "Foundation" series?

    I'm terribly embarrassed about giving the wrong author for the Mars series. It's been over 16 years or so since I read them and I was reading a book a day through high school of Sci-Fi. I guess the old brain got them mixed up.:b As far as Anne McCaffrey is concerned most of her books are...
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    Help choosing a Sci/Fi book/series. Anything comparable to the "Foundation" series?

    You can also try Ben Bovas 'Red Mars' 'Green Mars' 'Blue Mars' amazingly enough about the terraforming of Mars. Or my all time favorite authoress(?) Anne McCaffrey. She has a few series out. Dragon Riders of Pern, which is sci-fi not fantasy. Then she has another series about people who...
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    The HTF Weight Loss Support Group

    5'6" and 170lbs and 34 years old. I'm jumping in with both feet as well. I started jogging tonight. My goal is to drop 25-30lbs of unsightly blubber :thumbsdown: and gain 10lbs of muscle.:emoji_thumbsup: I've heard 2-3 lbs a week is a reasonable goal. I have a really good home gym and I'm...
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    joggers please help

    It's time to start getting back into shape, and round is not a shape that I like.:b I jogged a lot in high school and loved it. Now I'm 34 and 25lbs overweight and I want to take up jogging again, I'm fortunate to have some neighbours who have invited me to join them. Here's the question...
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    Worst commute to work

    When we bought our new house in a different city I was doing loops from home to work to new house.(To prewire the whole house for speakers, RCA's and security, among other things.) I put 50 000 km on it in one year. (Appprox 32000miles.) I blew the 5 year warranty in less than 2.5 years of...
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    Do you reduce fractions on checks?

    I'm going to try that one for sure!:D
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    yet another "car audio?" thread

    rockford fosgate is head and shoulders above the other two brands. Even if you're tight for cash still try to get a small 4 channel amp for all speakers or a 2 channel amp for the rear speakers. The difference in the sound quality will be well worth it. The rated power on the Head units...
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    What's in your fast food?

    Check out your favourite fast food specs. No wonder I'm 25lbs overweight!!! http://www.tacobell.com/menu/nutrition1.htm http://www.wendys.com/w-4-0.shtml Link Removed http://www.timhortons.com/english/fr...tent_3500.html http://www.megawraps.com/megawrapsinc/htmls/index.htm...
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    Car stereo: noise problem (long)

    Spark plug wires can give off some nasty noise. I had the regular Honda wires and switched to the high performance Canadian Tire brand. The high pitched whine drove me nuts so I returned them. The Ground Loop Isolator only works for so long. It absorbs with small capacitors (I believe) and they...