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$3000 panasonic lcd vs $7000 yamaha (1 Viewer)

Wayne Murphy

Stunt Coordinator
Jan 13, 2001
Hey all.

My bro in law is getting a new projector for his basement apartment. Big screen tv's won't fit down stairs so he is trying to figure out which way to go.

I can get him a Panasonic PT-AE100 LCD projector for $3000
Or I can get the Yamaha DPX500 LCD projector for about $7000.

Has anyone seen the panny? Obviously if he could get away with the panny he'd prefer to save the cash. I bought him A Yamaha reciever and Monitor Audio speakers as a wedding present and now he really want some video to go with it.

Please help


Michael TLV

THX Video Instructor/Calibrator
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Mar 16, 2000
Calgary, Alberta
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Michael Chen

I think he is talking Canadian Dollars here ... not Ameribucks.

The Panny is a fine entry level unit optimized for DVD viewing. While it will display a better HDTV image, it is not so hot compared to other LCD units with much higher pixel counts.

Of course the other LCD units cost more. (Like complaining that a Neon does not perform like a Celica ... well duh ... spend more money and get a Celica then.)

I have the Panny unit as an upgrade from a finely calibrated 61" RPTV HD unit. I would not go back to RPTV again ...

The Panny is not perfect, as it has the typical problems associated with LCD technology ... Lower pixel count ... vertical banding ...

Spending more money on LCD's with a higher pixel count remedies one item, but the vertical banding is still present.

A good trial step into the FPTV world that does not break one's bank.


Jay Sylvester

Supporting Actor
Jan 27, 2002
If you're looking to spend $7000 on an LCD projector, you might want to check out the Sanyo PLV-70 (also known as the Boxlight 20HD). Seems to be the hot new model everyone is talking about.
It'll be a few weeks before you can get your hands on one since the preorders have been racking up for a while now, but it's getting consistent reviews stating that it's the best LCD projector in the sub-$10k price range.
Mine arrives this Tuesday, and I can't wait to test it :D
I've never seen the AE100 in action, but if your friend isn't a picky videophile, chances are good that he'll enjoy it, especially since he could take the $5000 he'd save and spend it on other components.

Wayne Murphy

Stunt Coordinator
Jan 13, 2001
thanks for the info guys.
I think after seeing the panny with a dvd in widescreen my bro in law is relatively happy with it. He doesn't want to see ahigh end one or he'll have to buy it. :D
He's going to be playing a lot of video games on it, and he's been told that lcd's stand up better than rear projectors for that purpose.

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