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    My little theater

    That's strange, the links are working fine for me. From work and home.
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    My little theater

    Member Profile - HTF Gallery Optoma hd65 HK avr 230 BIC Venturi speakers w/sony sub toshiba hd-dvd comcast digital/hd cable cost me less than 3 grand.
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    Projector Screen Suggestions

    if you live west of the rockies, try a do-able board from home depot. 100" screen for $28 $15 for the board $13 for border & paint you need to provide tools and DIY ingenuity the results imho are spectacular!
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    What causes the slighly jerky motion I always see in store HDTV displays?

    My $0.02 Let's avoid the technology argument. They all have their place and can hold their respective grounds. I believe what Brian is describing is the disadvantage that comes with an interlaced signal. With 1080i, pixelation can be seen in fast moving action or with something like an...
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    SD DVD player help.

    Hey, Thanks for all your help and input!
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    SD DVD player help.

    Another question, Will dvd recorders with tv tuners play the television signal over component or s video?
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    SD DVD player help.

    Are there any upconvertes that up over component without issues? I know the DVB318 will if you have one made before a certain date. But are there any that do a nice job regardless of when it was made?? If not is there a dvd/vcr combo with a tv tuner that will play all signals through...
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    Having trouble getting projector to run HD image

    All right this got me thinking so I found your manual online. First you want to hit the dispaly button while the dvd player is on but not playing ("stop mode" according to the manual) Then Select SETUP and press enter Select CUSTOM and press enter Select SCREEN SETUP and press enter...
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    Having trouble getting projector to run HD image

    You most likely need to change the settings on your dvd player. I have not used your equipment, however on my upconverting DVD player, you need to set the output options before you begin playing a dvd. Your projector is going to use whatever signal your dvd player sends. I'm no expert either...
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    Does anyone own

    Jim, do you own or have you viewed the ht410?? nebers abd performance aren't always related.
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    New Sony 55" SXRD-XBR2 Rear Projection TV?

    One question... Why such harsh brand loyalty? Shouldn't you buy the best product that fits your needs regarless of the brand??
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    Does anyone own

    the NEC HT410?? I don't see anything posted on it. I would like to find out more about it's performance. It went out of production this summer and I have seen it reconditioned for under $500 with warranty. I was thinking about just grabbing it for that price and if I did't like it try to ebay...
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    Has anyone ever ordered a big tv online? What are the chances it'll arrive unharmed?

    Although I never have ordered a bigscreen online, my experience is actually the bigger and boxier the safer it is. Nobody will be throwing it around, thats for sure. Is that price with shipping?? Do they provide insurance??
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    Panny XR55 or refurb HK 235?

    I would take the HK in a heartbeat. If nothing else’s it's features blow the panny away. I have the HK 230 which is the earlier (6.1 instead of 7.1) version of the 235. I love it. Also I noticed that harmanaudio.com had the 230 for $197.00. Since you don't already have a 7.1 setup I would...
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    TOY STORY 3 (merged thread)

    For some reason this makes me feel like Pixar's movies will suffer from this. Disney's animated features of late have been down right horrible! Personally I think Pixars films some of the best for repeat viewing and was looking forward to pixar movies sans Disney. This "announcement" is a...