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    I just finished my home theater!!

    We've got the same Dell in the office. Very nice projector for the price!
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    Not trying to be a pest....

    I've been watching HDTV prices on 34" direct view sets for about 3 years now, they ain't moved downward very much (or at least as much as I would have liked). In fact, it's been darn right frustrating seeing sub 30" sets hit bargain basement prices while my wife has made me wait for what I want...
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    Possible to fix blue corners on a Sony direct view TV?

    Sounds like you need to go over it with a degausing coil. Unless your menu has a degausing option or there is a button for such on the set?
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    Which is Higher After Calibration- Brightness or Contrast?

    I guess that's one of the reasons I tend towards less brightness, I'm rarely at home during daylight hours and when I am the TV is usually just background noise. So when night time comes and I sit down to enjoy a TV show or film, the room is usually as dark as I'd care to have it.
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    Which is Higher After Calibration- Brightness or Contrast?

    I personally think that the bigger question is what would your preference be...technically accurate or pleasing to you. I invariably take the latter, and don't really care for the end result of "proper calibration", favoring a bit less brightness and a bit higher contrast than recommended...
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    So who still has a VCR in their entertainment center?

    Had two until very recently. The first is a Samsung SV-5000W, which boasts multi-system standards converting in it's bag of tricks. Perhaps not the best VCR in the world but just the right tool, and certainly at the right price, to play my HUGE collection of PAL video tapes from the UK...
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    THX video setup (Pirates of the Caribbean DVD)

    Then I obviously like (and am subjecting my family to) video output that is far too dark. Funny they haven't complained before now! :b
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    THX video setup (Pirates of the Caribbean DVD)

    After setting up my new JVC (AV34WP84) pretty much the way I want it I decided, just for a lark mind you, to have a look at the THX video setup thing on the Pirates of the Caribbean DVD. Imagine my suprise on the brigtness setup screen when I couldn't see the THX logo at all, never mind the logo...
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    Just got DVR, now my HDTV won't let me adjust picture size

    Did TWC allow you to install your own HD box? They are insisting on "professional installation" out this way despite it only being a box switch from a standard 8000 to the 8000HD. While free, this would undoubtedly require me to take at least a half day off work.
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    buying a 4:3 set versus a 16:9?

    16:9 all the way baby! I'm a new convert (as of the last 24 hours), but once you go 16:9 I don't think you can ever go back. In fact, I think I'll have to pour coffee down the back of the 4:3 in the bedroom just so I have an excuse to buy a 16:9 set for there too! :D
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    Need help deciding between CRT tvs

    Just took delivery of a JVC AV-34WP84 and I am completely overjoyed with it. Looked great right out of the box even for most of the channels over digital cable (well, perhaps not the channels that come in really crappy). Totally loving the 16:9 experience and the bedroom 4:3 is starting to worry...
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    Size matters

    Bought the JVC and it arrived yesterday. Totally happy with the results so far. Right out of the box with only a bit of tweaking on the picture settings (mostly turning the contrast, brigtness, and color down a tad) it looks great! Panorama mode is fast becoming my favorite way of watching 4:3...
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    Size matters

    I thought it was only LCD and DLP that don't have a burn in risk.
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    Size matters

    Trying to find a 34" direct view 16:9 set that would work in my built-in cabinet. Don't quite know why I'm so hung up on having a 34" set rather than going with a 32" or 30" (the latter of which pretty much any will fit and be cheaper) especially since all I'm replacing is a 12 year old 27", but...