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    Sony STR-DN1000 Receiver - HDMI Inputs - Needing a separate digital audio connection ??? WHAT? Plea

    Will this receiver display the volume setting on the tv or projector screen (OSD) as you change it or will it only show the change on the receiver itself? I need to see the volume level as I change it as my stereo will be in another room from my projector. I will be using a remote extender for...
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    High Def SAT Question

    Thanks for the reply. I found this: http://www.zeevee.com/connected-home/zvbox150#features It will not take HDMI input but it will take component video and TOS or Coax digital audio and send it over a single coax on whatever channel you set and at 720P. But at $1K forget it. I was hoping for...
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    High Def SAT Question

    I have coaxial cable run throughout my house. I currently use an antenna to get HD(digital) signal through the coax in my house to my tv. Do any of the Dish Or Directv receivers have the capablity to output a HD digital signal through the coax outputs on the back of the receiver? I want to use...
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    Encroaching Neighbor

    Maybe your neighbor is a fellow HTF member and will read this and understand he errored and you guys end up buddies, maybe even having family movie nights together. You Never Know. Think Positive!
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    Gimme your vote -- choose my legs

    D, second choice B.
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    10" titanic computer sub almost done :D

    Ryan that box looks damn good considering the tools you used. I'm spoiled by my panel saw. Did you remove the wood ring that sat on top of the drivers surround or am I seeing things? If so how did you do it? So that P.E. laminate is pretty easy to work with and actualy looks good? I thought...
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    FS: ATI Radeon 9700 Pro, 128MB AGP 8X

    Sorry guy's it is sold. Thanks, -Marv
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    Sony's New AVD-C700ES /S500ES

    I'm considering one of these two units but from what I can tell neither of these units has any type of Bass/Treble adjustment. I downloaded the manual and it is not even mentioned. An ES product and no basic sound contour controls? I'm also a little disappointed by the Bass Management...
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    FS: ATI Radeon 9700 Pro, 128MB AGP 8X

    Sale Pending. -Marv
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    FS: ATI Radeon 9700 Pro, 128MB AGP 8X

    Title says it all. The heat sink is a little dusty but the card works fine. Original box and driver. All adaptors/cords included except for the RCA video cable(I,m using that in my HT). Vince Maskeeper gets first dibs!;) If he wants it???? Asking $120 shipped to 48 states. -Marv
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    WTB: 5 Disc CD Changer

    Man you're about 1 week to late. I just gave away a Sony 5 disc CD player with optical out and no remote to a friend.(Doh) -Marv
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    FS: Linaeum Tweeters

    SOLD! Thanks Chad.
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    Mini Review: Nady XA-1100 Power Amp

    Great review! Thanks Wayne. -Marv
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    FS: Two Passive Radiators

    Sold! (Both) Thanks Kirk!