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Vertere Acoustics has announced a new interconnect cable known as VeRum which the company says sits below Pulse HB and above RedLine products. The high-end cable comes in two variants, the VeRum 1.5m RCA/XLR interconnect priced at – take a deep breath – $2699, and the VeRum Solo 1.15m DIN to RCA tonearm or interconnect at – now exhale – $3,699. Both are available now.

The VeRum replaces Pulse R (internally nicknamed HB light). Manufactured on precision machines with what is claimed to be the most delicate tolerance cable manufacturing machinery in Europe, VeRum promises to bring neutrality, dynamics and even-handed performance. The company also uses wire so delicate that four together are thinner than a human hair. The precision machines used assemble VeRum from multiple thicknesses of high purity copper wires, which are generally silver-plated. For more information, click on the link above.

Naim Audio has announced an update to its Naim App. Version 5.23 for iOS devices and 2.23 for Android will be available from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store in the coming days. Naim says it includes a range of fixes and extra features, including a simple new self-help tool designed to help users identify and solve networking issues that could be interfering with the enjoyment of music streaming. This new diagnostics tool should be simple to run and also generates a key code, which users can share with the Naim Tech Support team ([email protected]), should issues need further investigation.

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