Audio-Technica will be exhibiting the next generation of its AT-OC9X Series at CES (South Hall 1, Booth 20648). The new models feature a dual moving coil structure, which the company says enables audio information in record grooves to be separated to the left and right channels with “pinpoint accuracy.” The improved channel separation should result in a more precise stereo image and wider frequency response.

“When the first AT-OC9 cartridge was introduced in 1987 it combined previously unavailable engineering innovations with carefully chosen materials to achieve a breakthrough in sound quality,” said Yosuke Koizumi, Chief Engineer of Cartridges at Audio-Technica Japan. “Since then, we have continued to improve the cartridges. Our latest AT-OC9X Series embodies the culmination of over 50 years of cartridge manufacturing experience to deliver new levels of record-playback quality and musical enjoyment.”


The cartridges are available with a choice of stylus types including Special Line Contact (AT-OC9XSL $729), Shibata (AT-OC9XSH $649), microlinear (AT-OC9XML $549), nude elliptical (AT-OC9XEN $349) and bonded elliptical (AT-OC9XEB $239). The Special Line Contact, microlinear and Shibata stylus models include a new boron cantilever, while the nude elliptical and bonded elliptical models have aluminum designs, all intended to reduce vibrations and internal resonances.

The moving coil wires in all the cartridges are made from PCOCC (Pure Copper by Ohno Continuous Casting), while the Special Line Contact, microlinear and Shibata models use a neodymium magnet with a Permendur yoke for improved reproduction of musical signals. The nude and bonded elliptical models employ a neodymium magnet and iron yoke, which Audio-Technica claims provide increased output compared to previous designs. Cartridge bodies are pre-threaded for easy mounting to a headshell or tonearm with two screws and no mounting nuts. Each of the series’ cartridges is supplied with mounting hardware.

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