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*** Official HD support, 5.1 & 16:9 Game Survey Thread

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#1 of 719 OFFLINE   Dave F

Dave F


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Posted October 08 2002 - 11:03 AM

Title 16:9 480p 720p 1080i Online PlayContent DLCustom Sndtrk Sound
007: Agent Under FireNoNoNoNoDD 5.1
007: NightfireYesYesNoNoNoNoDD 5.1
4x4 Evo 2NoYesNoNoYesDD 5.1
Aggressive InlineYesYesNoNoYesDD 5.1
AirForce Delta StormNoYesNoNoDD 5.1
AliasNoYesNoNoDD 5.1
Aliens vs. Predator: ExtinctionNoYesNoNoNoNoNoDD 4.1
All Star Baseball 2003NoYesNoNoDD 5.1
All Star Baseball 2004NoYesNoNoNoNoDD 5.1
AmpedYesYesNoNoYesDD 5.1
Amped 2YesYesYesNoYesYesDD 5.1
ApexNoYesNoNoNoNoYesDD 5.1
Armed and DangerousYesYesNoNoNoYesNoDD 5.1
Azurik : Rise of PerathiaYesYesNoNoDD 5.1
Baldur's Gate: Dark AllianceNoYesNoNoNoNoDD 5.1
BatmanNoYesNoNoDD 5.1
Batman: Dark TomorrowNoYesNoNoNoNoDD 5.1
Batman: Rise of Sin TzuNoYesNoNoNoNoNoDD 5.1
Battlestar GalacticaNoYesNoNoNoNoNoDD 5.1
Beyond Good and Evil (non-anamorphic)YesYesNoNoNoNoNoDD 5.1
Blade IINoYesNoNoNoDD 5.1
Blinx: The Time SweeperNoYesNoNoNoNoDD 5.1
Blood Omen 2NoYesNoNoDD 5.1
BloodrayneNoYesNoNoNoNoDD 5.1
BloodwakeNoYesNoNoDD 5.1
BMX XXXYesYesNoNoYesYesDD 5.1
BreakdownYesYesNoNoNoNoNoDD 5.1
Bruce LeeNoYesNoNoDD 5.1
Brute ForceNoYesNoNoNoYesNoDD 5.1
Buffy the Vampire SlayerNoYesNoNoNoNoDD 5.1
Buffy: Chaos BleedsYesYesNoNoNoNoNoDD 5.1
BurnoutYesYesNoNoDD 5.1
Burnout 2: Point of ImpactYesYesNoNoNoYesDD 5.1
Cel DamageNoYesNoNoDD 5.1
Chase: Hollywood Stunt DriverNoYesNoNoNoYesDD 4.0
Circus MaximusNoYesNoNoDD 5.1
Colin McRae 04YesYesNoNoDD 5.1
Colin McRae Rally 3YesNoNoNoNoNoNoDD 5.1
Conflict Desert StormYesYesNoNoNoYesDD 5.1
CounterStrikeNoYesNoNoYesYesYesDD 5.1
Crash BandicootNoYesNoNoDD 5.1
Crazy Taxi 3 High RollerNoYesNoNoDD 5.1
Crimson SeaNoYesNoNoNoNoDD 5.1
Crimson SkiesNoYesNoNoYesYesDD 5.1
Dance Dance Revolution UltramixYesYesNoNoYesYesDD 5.1
Dave Mirra BMX 2NoYesNoNoYesDD 5.1
Dead or Alive 3YesYesNoNoDD 5.1
Dead or Alive Xtreme VolleyballYesYesNoNoNoNoYesDD 5.1
Dead to RightsYesYesNoNoNoNoDD 5.1
DeathrowYesYesNoNoNoDD 5.1
DefenderNoYesNoNoNoNoYesDD 5.1
Dino Crisis 3NoYesNoNoNoNoNoDD 5.1
Dragon's Lair 3DYesYesYesYesNoDD 5.1
Elder Scrolls III MorrowindNoYesNoNoDD 5.1
EnclaveYesYesNoNoDD 5.1
Enter the MatrixYesYesYesYesNoNoNoDD 5.1
EPSN NFL Football 2k4YesYesNoNoYesYesNoDD 5.1
ESPN NBA Basketball 2k4YesYesYesNoYesYesDD 5.1
ESPN NHL Hockey 2k4NoYesNoNo
ESPN SnowboardingNoYesNoNoDD 5.1
F1 2001YesYesNoNoDD 5.1
Fatal FrameNoYesNoNoNoNoNoDD 5.1
Fifa 2003YesYesNoNoNoNo
Fifa World Cup 2002NoYesNoNoDD 5.1
Finding NemoNoYesNoNoNoNoNoDD 5.1
Fire BladeNoYesNoNoNoNoNo
Freedom FightersYesYesYesNoNoNoNoDD 5.1
Fuzion FrenzyNoYesNoNoYesDD 5.1
Genma OnimushaNoYesNoNoDD 5.1
Ghost ReconNoYesNoNoYesNoDD 5.1
Ghost Recon:Island ThunderNoYesNoNoYesYesNo
Grabbed By the GhouliesYesYesNoNo
Grand Theft Auto IIIYesYesNoNoNoNoYesDD 5.1
Grand Theft Auto: Vice CityYesYesNoNoNoNoYesDD 5.1
GunmetalNoYesNoNoYesDD 5.1
GunvalkyrieNoYesNoNoNoNoDD 5.1
HaloNoYesNoNoDD 5.1
High Heat 2004Yes
Hitman 2YesNoNoNoDD 5.1
House of the Dead 3NoYesNoNoNoNoDD 5.1
HunterNoYesNoNoDD 5.1
Hunter the Reckoning: RedeemerNoYesNoNoNoYesNoDD 5.1
Indiana Jones and the Emperor's TombNoYesNoNoNoNoNoDD 5.1
Inside Pitch 2003NoNoNoNoYesYesYes
James Bond: Everything or NothingYesYesNoNoNoNoNoDD 5.1
Jedi Knight: Jedi AcademyYesYesNoNoYesNoNoDD 5.1
Jet Set Radio FutureNoYesNoNoDD 5.1
Kakuto ChojinNoYesNoNoNoNoDD 5.1
Kill.SwitchNoYesNoNoNoNoNoDD 5.1
Knockout Kings 2002NoYesNoNoDD 5.1
Kung Fu ChaosNoNoNoNoNoNoYesDD 5.1
Links 2004NoYesNoNoNoNoYesDD 5.1
Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the RingYesYesNoNoDD 5.1
Lord of the Rings: Two TowersNoYesNoNoNoNoDD 5.1
LotR: Return of the KingNoYesNoNoNoNoNoDD 5.1
Madden NFL 2002YesYesNoNoDD 5.1
Madden NFL 2003YesYesNoNoDD 5.1
Madden NFL 2004YesYesNoNoNoNoYesDD 5.1
MafiaNoYesNoNoNoNoNoDD 5.1
Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX 2NoYesNoNoNoYesDD 5.1
Max PayneNoYesNoNoDD 5.1
Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max PayneYesYesNoNoNoNoNoDD 5.1
MechAssaultNoYesNoNoYesYesDD 5.1
Medal of Honor: FrontlineNoYesNoNoNoNoDD 5.1
Medal of Honor: Rising SunNoYesNoNoNoNoNoDD 5.1
Metal Gear Solid 2: SubstanceNoYesNoNoNoNoDD 5.1
Midnight Club 2YesYesNoNoYesNoDD 5.1
Midtown Madness 3NoYesNoNoYesYesDD 5.1
Minority Report: Everybody RunsYesYesNoNoNoNoDD 5.1
Mortal Kombat: Deadly AllianceNoYesNoNoNoNoDD 5.1
Moto GPYesYesNoNoYesYesDD 5.1
MotoGP 2YesYesNoNoYesYesDD 5.1
MVP Baseball 2004YesYesYesNoNoNoDD 5.1
MX SuperflyNoYesNoNoNoYesDD 5.1
MX UnleashedYesYesYesYesNoNoDD 5.1
Nascar HeatYesYesNoNoDD 5.1
Nascar ThunderYesYesNoNoDD 5.1
NASCAR Thunder 2003YesYesNoNoNoYesDD 5.1
NASCAR Thunder 2004YesYesNoNoNoNoYesDD 5.1
NBA 2002NoYesNoNoDD 5.1
NBA 2k2NoYesNoNoDD 5.1
NBA 2k3YesYesYesNoYesDD 5.1
NBA Inside DriveNoYesNoNoDD 5.1
NBA Inside Drive 2003YesYesNoNoNoNoNoDD 5.1
NBA Street Vol. 2YesYesNoNoNoNoNoDD 5.1
NCAA Basketball 2k3YesYesNoNoYesDD 5.1
NCAA Football 2003YesYesNoNoDD 5.1
NCAA Football 2004YesYesNoNoNoNoNoDD 5.1
Need For Speed UndergroundNoYesNoNoNoNoNoDD 5.1
Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2NoYesNoNoYesDD 5.1
NFL 2K2NoYesNoNoDD 5.1
NFL 2K3YesYesNoNoYesYesDD 5.1
NFL Blitz 2002NoYesNoNo
NFL Fever 2002NoYesNoNoDD 5.1
NFL Fever 2003YesYesNoNoYesYesDD 5.1
NFL Fever 2004YesYesNoYesYesDD 5.1
NFL StreetYesYesNoNoNoDD 5.1
NHL 2002NoYesNoNoDD 5.1
NHL 2k3YesYesYesDD 5.1
NHL Hitz 20-02NoYesNoNoYesDD 5.1
NightcasterNoYesNoNoDD 5.1
Ninja GaidenYesYesNoNoNoNoNoDD 5.1
Oddworld: Munch's OddyseeNoYesNoNoDD 5.1
Outlaw GolfNoYesNoNoNoNoDD 5.1
Outlaw VolleyballNoYesNoNoYesYesYesDD 5.1
Outlaw Volleyball: Red Hot (Blockbuster excl.)NoYesNoNo
Panzer Dragoon OrtaYesYesNoNoNoNoNoDD 5.1
Phantom CrashNoYesNoNoNoYesDD 5.1
Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of TimeNoYesNoNoNoNoNoDD 5.1
Pro Race DriverNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
Project Gotham RacingNoYesNoNoYesDD 5.1
Project Gotham Racing 2YesYesNoNoYesYesYesDD 5.1
Quantum RedshiftYesYesNoNoNoYesDD 5.1
Rainbow Six 3NoYesNoNoYesDD 5.1
Rallisport ChallengeYesYesNoNoYesDD 5.1
Rayman 3: Hoodlum HavocYesYesNoNoNoNoNoDD 5.1
Red Card 2003NoYesNoNoDD 5.1
Red Faction IINoYesNoNoNoNoNoDD 5.1
Return to Castle WolfensteinNoYesNoNoYesNoDD 5.1
Robotech: BattlecryNoYesNoNoDD 5.1
RockyYesYesNoNoNoNoDD 5.1
Rogue OpsNoYesNoNoNoNoNoDD 5.1
Secret Weapons Over NormandyNoYesNoNoNoYesNoDD 5.1
Sega GT 2002YesYesNoNoNoYesDD 5.1
Sega GT OnlineYesYesNoNoYesYesDD 5.1
Serious SamNoYesNoNoNoNoDD 5.1
Shenmue 2NoYesNoNoNoNoDD 5.1
ShrekNoYesNoNoDD 5.1
Silent Hill 2NoYesNoNoDD 4.0
Simpson's Road RageNoYesNoNoDD 5.1
Simpsons: Hit 'n' RunYesYesNoNoDD 5.1
Soldier of Fortune 2: Double HelixNoYesNoNoYesYesNo
Sonic HeroesNoYesNoNoDD 5.1
Soul Calibur II (720p is 4:3 only)YesYesYesNoNoDD 5.1
Sphinx and the Cursed MummyYesYesNoNoNoNoNoDD 5.1
Spider-ManNoYesNoNoDD 5.1
SplashdownNoYesNoNoYesDD 5.1
Splinter CellNoYesNoNoNoYesNoDD 5.1
Splinter Cellandora's BoxNoYesNoNoYesNoDD 5.1
SpyhunterNoYesNoNoDD 5.1
SSX TrickyYesYesNoNoDD 5.1
SSX3YesYesNoNoNoNoNoDD 5.1
Star Wars StarfighterN
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#2 of 719 OFFLINE   Dave F

Dave F


  • 2,891 posts
  • Join Date: May 15 1999

Posted October 08 2002 - 11:06 AM

I added some fields, so please let me know if there are any inaccuracies. I'll start working on inserting people's updates next... -Dave
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#3 of 719 OFFLINE   Patrick Crawfor

Patrick Crawfor


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  • Join Date: Aug 15 2002

Posted October 08 2002 - 09:44 PM

I just got NBA 2k3, and I am having trouble getting the 720p display to work on my MITSUBISHI 46" Widescreen TV. I have my xbox plugged into the "DTV" input, my dashboard for xbox has all resolutions and widescreen turned on. I am using the monster component cable for xbox. The DTV input says 1080i, 480p, and 480i. does this mean my TV will not be able to do 720p? anyone else have a mitsubishi TV out there? PLEASE HELP!

#4 of 719 OFFLINE   James St

James St

    Supporting Actor

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Posted October 08 2002 - 11:20 PM

Patrick, I don't own a Mitsu but I'm pretty sure they don't pass a 720p signal. Most hdtv's won't display 720p natively. Most that do accept it will downconvert the signal to 480p.

Dave, thanks for keeping this going for everyone. Your hard work is appeciated.Posted Image

#5 of 719 OFFLINE   Chris Rock

Chris Rock

    Supporting Actor

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Posted October 09 2002 - 12:43 AM

How can a GameCube game have 5.1 sound? Are you referring to PL2? In that case, there's a few more games you should add, like Super Mario Sunshine and Eternal Darkness. Oddly enough, the Super Monkey Ball 2 disc actually has the DD5.1 logo on it. However, the GC doesn't pass a digital audio signal, as far as I know.

#6 of 719 OFFLINE   Scott "E"

Scott "E"

    Second Unit

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Posted October 09 2002 - 02:48 AM

The Thing for the Xbox is missing, here is the info on it

480p: No
16x9: Yes
DD5.1: Yes

A few more changes

Robotech for Xbox is in DD5.1
Transworld Surf is not 16x9 on Xbox or PS2

Thanks for keeping the list going Dave Posted Image

#7 of 719 OFFLINE   Brian-W



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Posted October 09 2002 - 05:42 AM

I'd drop the 720p/1080i categories for Gamecube/PS-2 and 5.1 sound on Gamecube (and go with Pro-Logic 2). Since neither the GC or PS-2 support those resolutions, no point in having in a Matrix
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#8 of 719 OFFLINE   Jason Seaver

Jason Seaver

    Lead Actor

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Posted October 09 2002 - 06:21 AM

And maybe add "personal soundtrack" option for Xbox; folks have occasionally posted that one and it would be nice to know.
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#9 of 719 OFFLINE   Scott "E"

Scott "E"

    Second Unit

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Posted October 09 2002 - 06:45 AM

Super Monkey Ball 2 for the Gamecube 480p: Yes 16x9: Yes

#10 of 719 OFFLINE   Jon Diehl

Jon Diehl

    Stunt Coordinator

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Posted October 09 2002 - 08:42 AM

5.1 and 480p are sort of a given for Xbox titles. Yes, there are a couple games that have slipped through the cracks, but they are crap anyway. I would nix one of those columns (maybe 5.1) and just put in the Xbox title (all games 5.1 DD sound). Then you'll have room room for: Xbox Live! or Online: Yes/No No, online play has nothing to do with a home theater related DD5.1/16:9 thread, but it will be good info to have on there when there are dozens of online Xbox titles next year around this time.
Jon - XBL GT "XBoxJon"

#11 of 719 OFFLINE   Brian J Dupuis

Brian J Dupuis

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Posted October 09 2002 - 10:20 AM

Hey, thanks for picking up on this, Dave. Extremely useful information.
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#12 of 719 OFFLINE   Scott "E"

Scott "E"

    Second Unit

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Posted October 09 2002 - 10:50 AM

Xbox Blinx: The Time Sweeper 480p: Yes 16x9: No (I'd like other opinions though, as it's a toughy) DD5.1: Yes I like it so far, but haven't played it enough to give any solid impression just yet.

#13 of 719 OFFLINE   Dave F

Dave F


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Posted October 09 2002 - 11:08 AM

[quote] How can a GameCube game have 5.1 sound? Are you referring to PL2? In that case, there's a few more games you should add, like Super Mario Sunshine and Eternal Darkness. [quote]Yep. I'm throwing in 5.1 as a catch-all for DD5.1, DTS & DPLII. I left most of the Gamecube 5.1 section blank because frankly, I don't have a clue what GC games support 5.1 (No DPLII on my receiver Posted Image ). If you have info for the other GC titles, I'd appreciate that as well.

I'm going to do a bit of organization on my end so that I can update faster, so tonight I'll have the new updates posted (+ more from the old thread). Hopefully I'll have the custom soundtracks and an online field added. Good suggestions!

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#14 of 719 OFFLINE   Romier S

Romier S


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Posted October 09 2002 - 11:12 AM

Scott, I'll take a look at Blinx tonight when I get home and see if that suckers 16:9. Looking forward to finally playing it!

#15 of 719 OFFLINE   Paul Hooper

Paul Hooper


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Posted October 09 2002 - 01:29 PM

Thanks from me too, Dave. I'm sure everyone knows this already, but SOCOM for the PS2 is verified: 480p: Yes 16:9: Yes (seems to be based on console setup, not game option) 5.1: Sorta, see note... My 2 cents on the DPL II issue: DPL and DPL II both take an analog stereo signal and separate it into surround channels. So, really any stereo signal is converted to surround if you have a DPL (1 or 2) receiver. Thus, I don't think DPL2 should count towards the 5.1 column -- instead, I think only true digital, discrete surround should count towards the 5.1 column. Maybe instead of yes/no, put DD, DDx.x, DTS, DTS/ES, DPL2, DPL, Stereo, or Mono in there. That said, SOCOM does have a DPL 2 logo on the label, but it's still just analog stereo.

#16 of 719 OFFLINE   Dave F

Dave F


  • 2,891 posts
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Posted October 09 2002 - 01:54 PM

With an "online" field, how should we handle titles like Halo that aren't officially online titles, but can be tricked with something like Gamespy? -Dave
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#17 of 719 OFFLINE   elMalloc


    Supporting Actor

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Posted October 09 2002 - 02:43 PM

There are games that "support" DPL2 in that when they are decoded, they would sound more like 5.1 than any regular non-supported game. I think the DPL2 games should at least have their own column, or just throw them under 5.1 to be uniform. it should not be thrown out, though, like you suggest. -ELmO

#18 of 719 OFFLINE   Timothy Yoder

Timothy Yoder


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Posted October 09 2002 - 05:59 PM

I also am having problems with Xbox NBA 2K3 in 720p mode on my Pioneer Elite 610. When I enable 720p in the user menu and insert the game disc, I then hold the A, B, X, Y buttons down through the startup. I don't get any options asking me what resolution to use. When the game start menu loads, the screen is all messed up and it repeats horizontally. You can kinda see what's going on. If a HDTV can't upconvert a 720p signal then is 720p worthless? And don't most HDTV's have this constraint?
I guess I won't look forward to any more 720p gamesPosted Image

#19 of 719 OFFLINE   Romier S

Romier S


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Posted October 09 2002 - 06:46 PM

Backing up Scott on this one: Blinx The Time Sweeper 16:9: NO! 480p: Yes 5.1 sound: Yes 72op: No 1080I: No After checking Blinx for awhile, you can notice stretching of the blinx character model and subtle stretching of the circles in the game GUI. Definitely not 16:9.

#20 of 719 OFFLINE   JohnTKline


    Stunt Coordinator

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Posted October 09 2002 - 06:46 PM

Most mitsubishi hdtv's upconvert 720p to 1080i. I own the ws55809 55in which does this... John

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