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Bought CSI Season 3 early

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#1 of 16 OFFLINE   ChipR



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Posted March 22 2004 - 07:03 PM

I was walking through an unnamed store last night and was shocked to see CSI: Season Three on the shelf. I know that it is not for release until March 30, but I could not resist it and bought it anyway.
Does anyone know if this happens often, or was it just a fluke or mistake that the store did this. I go in this store routinely and have not noticed it happening before, and I keep pretty up-to-date on the release dates of TV shows.
Just wondering how rare this is.

#2 of 16 OFFLINE   Roger_R


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Posted March 22 2004 - 11:26 PM

I know that some stores here in Norway put out titles earlier, hell I got Star Trek VI a week before the release date when I ordered it from Play. I guess it's not that unusual, though the distributors tend to frown upon it. Especially if it's done to bigger titles.

#3 of 16 OFFLINE   Sam Davatchi

Sam Davatchi


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Posted March 23 2004 - 12:07 AM

I saw this set for sale last week!

#4 of 16 OFFLINE   Dillon*G


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Posted March 23 2004 - 12:52 AM

I know what store it proably is *coughBESTBUYcough*.I seen several titles from this store put out early (example:Spider-Man-The New Animated Series,Scooby Doo Season 1&2,Flintstones season 1).I still usually wait till the week of the release date because when they put on the shelves early you don't get the sale price.

#5 of 16 OFFLINE   Mike Williams

Mike Williams


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Posted March 23 2004 - 01:56 AM

Our "Best Buy" NEVER puts stuff out early, but there is another store in town that breaks release date quite regularly, but they are the highest priced store in town. Dang It!!!

#6 of 16 OFFLINE   David_Blackwell



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Posted March 23 2004 - 04:25 AM

I saw a store put out SOLARIS 5 days early. I haven't spotted any TV on DVD sets out ahead of release date.

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#7 of 16 OFFLINE   Chris_Morris



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Posted March 23 2004 - 02:00 PM

A note of caution, it is against forum rules to name street breakers. It is ok to say you got it early, just not who you got it from.


#8 of 16 OFFLINE   Michael Reuben

Michael Reuben

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Posted March 23 2004 - 03:38 PM

A note of caution, it is against forum rules to name street breakers. It is ok to say you got it early, just not who you got it from.

Chris is correct, and for that reason several posts have been deleted from this thread.

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#9 of 16 OFFLINE   andrew markworthy

andrew markworthy


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Posted March 23 2004 - 06:46 PM

We tend to get R1 discs a few days early in the UK. Sometimes because importers simply aren't bothered about US regulations. In other cases, because the importers send off their stock on a date which they calculate will mean that the modal number of discs will arrive on the release date. Of course in some cases the mailing system works better than expected and the discs arrive early.

However, I can't recall R2 discs being sold at anything other than the release date. Actually, there was an exception - there was a mild fuss (which even made some of the newspapers) when the last Harry Potter disc came out and a large supermarket chain started selling it a whole day early.

#10 of 16 OFFLINE   Dane Marvin

Dane Marvin


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Posted March 23 2004 - 11:09 PM

This happens A LOT. I saw Star Trek: Voyager S1 over two full weeks before its release date. Same thing back when The Shield S1 came out. I've personally purchased quite a few TV titles 4+ days before they were supposed to street, including Married With Children S1 & Smallville S1. And it's not just one store: I've seen it happen multiple times at 3 stores in my area alone.

Usually when it happens, it's not sale-priced, so it's a no-go for me.

#11 of 16 OFFLINE   Matt Butler

Matt Butler


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Posted March 25 2004 - 04:08 AM

Count me in the "bought CSI early club".
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#12 of 16 OFFLINE   Tony Scello

Tony Scello

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Posted March 25 2004 - 07:48 AM

I also saw CSI:Season 3 on the shelf earlier this week at a large chain store that shall remain nameless. Probably had the wrong release date in their inventory computer or something. I thought the price was a little high and will wait for a better price on the official release date.
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#13 of 16 OFFLINE   Malcolm Cleugh

Malcolm Cleugh

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Posted March 26 2004 - 02:43 AM

Also got my copy of CSI early. Have already gone through the first 3 DVDs.

It seems that the distributors are to fault for releasing stock early. Especially as my importer can get stock, ship it to the UK, forward onto me and I get it upto 2 weeks before the official release date.
The worst seem to be Fox and Paramount who seem to supply stock upto a month early.

In the UK they seem to supply stock much later. Most high street stores including the one I worked at as a student got stock in on a Friday or Saturday ready for release on the Monday (day for new releases here in the UK).
Even online e-tailers struggle to get you UK R2 stock more than a couple of days early and some such as Amazon always hold to street dates.

#14 of 16 OFFLINE   Martin Blythe

Martin Blythe

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Posted March 26 2004 - 04:48 AM

Out of curiosity, why is it against forum rules to identify street date violations?

#15 of 16 OFFLINE   Daryl Stovall

Daryl Stovall

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Posted March 26 2004 - 07:55 AM

Because there are those who get a perverse joy out of being the one on the block to get the holy grail first and don't want to ruin it by droppin' a dime on any brick and mortar (retail shop) offenders. (Just call it the DVD Geek code of silence) Posted Image Btw when will Soul Food season 2 be release?

#16 of 16 OFFLINE   Scott Kimball

Scott Kimball


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Posted March 26 2004 - 11:56 AM

Or... the HTF doesn't want to positively promote a retailer that breaks street dates, encouraging a continuation of the practice.

I'm sure Ron or an admin could elaborate...

On the rare occasions I see a retailer breaking street date, I usually point it out to the manager (if there is one in the store). It rarely does any good, though.