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Hello All from Georgia

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by oldbutspry, Sep 2, 2012.

  1. oldbutspry

    oldbutspry Member

    Aug 29, 2012
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    I used to be into music/home theater but lost interest over the years as I pursued other hobbies. Some of my old Carver equipment had been acting up for years so I bought a new Marantz receiver recently. The receiver has renewed my interest although I still need to get the networking functions set up. Anyway, I plan on getting some more small items to update everything but I don't know how far I will take it. For example, I need to learn more about current equipment to figure out if there's any real advantage to having the full 7 speakers in my system (five seems like plenty but there must be something to it or else everyone wouldn't be doing it, right?). Anyway, I'll probably spend most my time lurking and trying to figure this new stuff out.
    Currently have: Sony Bravia 46" (not very new), Marantz SR5006 receiver, Klipsch speakers - La Scalas (main), Academy (center), SW15 (sub)
    About to buy some small wireless speakers for the rear.
  2. TonyD

    TonyD Who do we think I am?

    Dec 1, 1999
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    Disney World and Universal Florida
    Real Name:
    Tony D.
    Hello John.
  3. Sam Posten

    Sam Posten Moderator

    Oct 30, 1997
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    Aberdeen, MD & Navesink, NJ
    Real Name:
    Sam Posten
    Welcome John! 5.1 is enough for me too! Let us know how you like the Wireless rears, not something too many of us have experience with.

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