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    TITLE: YOU ARE THE APPLE OF MY EYE ================================================== ========== DIRECTOR: GIDDEN (directorial debut) CO-DIRECTOR: -- Stars: ChenDong, Ko(screen debut), Michelle YanXi, Chen GUEST STARS: -- PRODUCTION STUDIO: STAR RITZ(TW) PRODUCTIONS, SONY MUSIC Distributed by: 20th Century FOX Asia MOVIE GENERE: DRAMA, COMEDY, ROMANCE ------------------------------------------------------------ SINGAPORE rating: NC16-uncut (For sexual references, coarse language) Possible MPAA rating: R ------------------------------------------------------------ Widescreen Ratio: 2.35:1 Language: TAIWANESE MANDARIN dubbed DD5.1-SINGAPORE/ASIA version, Running time: 120mins approx. ------------------------------------------------------------ Ko-Teng(played by ChenDong, Ko)had always being the poorest result achieving, playful, childish kid since his young age. Together with his other 4 classmates had always been mesmerized by the prettiest gal, JeeaYee(played by Michelle Chen), a smart and hardworking student, the brightest star in the class since they were in their secondary education school days. Who had poor impression on Ko-Teng ever since they had been going thru together every year in the same class till the higher level. Just because of 1 prank made by Ko-Teng, JeeaYee was eventually appointed to monitor on Ko-Teng's studies and character discipline. Thru a certain period of being placed together by order of school's disciplinary supervisor accidentally, Ko-Teng had managed to get closer with JeeaYee, and fell in love together. However, due to Ko-Teng's childishness, his relationship with JeeaYee was short lived while both of them were in the tertiary education age. Until one day, Ko-Teng received a call from JeeaYee... he was already a young adult then... ------------------------------------------------------------ VIEW- This film marks the directorial debut of GIDDENs, a renowned internet novel writer who was eventually offered a directorial role for a film base on one of his popular romance novel, You're the Apple of my Eye. Which was initially a small production that's too small, made by a team of unknown personnel in the movie world, that was initially rejected by various distributors to screen the film. However, the whole production team wasn't prepared for overwhelming response from cinema crowds, that eventually turns into a cinematic hit throughout Asia's chinese market such as TAIWAN, HONGKONG, SINGAPORE as well as MALAYSIA(where even though the film suffered lots of cuts due to various scenes sexual references). The story is all about Rs- Reminiscence the sweetness of young age school romance , Remembrance of friends, events of the school age past, Recall on young age foolishness, crazies. And this formula clicks with large amount of audiences across asia, especially those who're in the 30s or later age. Hence, it's not a surprise that some of the audience would go to see the movie again for second time or more(3x for me). Some viewers may try to relate such film to American Pie, which is totally different from this story, even though the background of both stories maybe set in high school timeline. The film is like a biography on the director's school time romance, hence the special effects used in the film are mostly decorative and nothing to shout about. In whole, there are fair share of humors and romance throughout the film, there are moments of heart touching scene that may jerk some tears from certain viewers depending on where their focus of the film may fall on. Fresh interesting plot, light special effects, fair share of comedy and romance...personally i feel that this film is a must see flick for all who are interested with light-hearted story. FILM SCORE: 5 out of 5

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