Midnight in Paris - quick review

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    In a somewhat eyebrows-raising re-teaming of the pair from "Wedding Crashers", Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams are an engaged couple, Gil and Ines, visiting Paris on the tails of Ines's father's corporate trip. Gil is a writer, and discovers that taking taxi rides in Paris after midnight somehow transports him back to the 1920s where he is able to converse with his artistic and literary icons in the flesh. Writer/Director Woody Allen takes this premise and mines it for all it's worth. Owen Wilson dials down the snark, and embodies bits of Woody's persona without the neuroses. It's quite a charming film, with McAdams bringing the antagonism to the film as Gil's after-hours adventures threaten their engagement in present day.

    I give it 3 stars, or a grade of B.

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