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ViewSonic is launching the M2e Instant Smart 1080p LED projector which uses ‘Time-of-Flight’ (ToF) technology to achieve off-axis auto focus. The company says the new portable projector – designed for both home entertainment and work – should focus within one second, much faster than alternative technologies. Almost free of blue light, according to Viewsonic, the M2E can achieve 125% of the Rec.709 color space and project an 80-inch screen size from just over two meters. There is no fan noise and Harman Kardon has designed the onboard twin speakers.

“ViewSonic is an industry-leading manufacturer in visual technology, constantly dedicated to innovating and upgrading LED projectors, making them smarter, easier to use, and thus enhancing the user experience,” said Dean Tsai, Head of the Projector BU at ViewSonic. “By applying ToF technology, we have reached a new milestone with the launch of the M2e, which fulfills carefree usage at home. As people now tend to stay at home more often, the new M2e allows them to enjoy an unprecedented audiovisual feast.”

The ToF technology measures distance based on the time it takes for photons to travel between an emitter and target area, irrespective of the characteristics of the projected surface. Viewsonic claims that its auto focus feature is three to five times faster than technologies that use cameras for image capture and matching.

The M2e beamer weighs in at 1 kg and can fit into a backpack. As well as providing screen casting and mirroring from devices via Wi-Fi, there is Bluetooth functionality and streaming capability via USB.






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May 6, 2015
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Thank You, Martin, for your consistently inspired entries and updates to all that is great and compelling about home theater technology and its advancements.

Future goals, future visions and a good cup of morning coffee seems to always set the day off straight.

Cheers to you and all across the pond.:thumbs-up-smiley:
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John Dirk

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May 7, 2000
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Thanks as always, Martin! It will be interesting to see if this technology eventually migrates to Epson, JVC and the likes and into the 4K space.