The Final Master Blu-ray Review

A Wing Chun martial arts master looking to spread the discipline beyond the borders of Southern China, where it originated, looks to the Northern Chinese city of Tianjin, a location renowned for its martial arts culture, to start an academy. But to do so he must gain the approval of […]

Weekly RoundUp 8-1-2017

  Where to find the Best Deals on Movies & TV Shows on Blu-ray and DVD… The Features – Going in Style – 2017 – Hired Gun – 2016 – The Bitter Tea of General Yen – 1932 – Devil’s Brigade – 1968 – Sleight – 2016   The Prices […]

The Ottoman Lieutenant Blu-ray Review

A tedious love triangle played against the backdrop of World War I being waged in Turkey, Joseph Ruben’s The Ottoman Lieutenant attempts to contrast the grand passions of romance and patriotism but comes up woefully short.

Sleight Blu-ray Review

The magic tricks are by far the most impressive aspect of J.D. Dillard’s Sleight, an otherwise humdrum drug-fueled melodrama that’s neither smartly acted nor directed.

Tom Sawyer/Huckleberry Finn Blu-ray Review

The Reader’s Digest adaptations of two Mark Twain classics – Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn – may not match one another in quality, but both offer tuneful versions of the familiar stories that fans of the songwriters or the original author won’t want to miss.

AT&T Displays Dramatic Growth of DirecTV Now

After a few months off from promos and hard-charging marketing, AT&T says it has righted the ship when it comes to subscription adds for its live, streaming TV service.  The company reported with second quarter earnings that it has 491,000 DirecTV Now subscribers. It added about 200,000 subscribers during the […]

Ghost in the Shell Blu-ray Review

Ghost in the Shell is an ambitious, stylized, visually impressive film with a good cast. While it may not have satisfactorily explored the moral questions of who we are and what makes us human, it makes a genuinely earnest attempt at probing something deeper than just a plot around which […]

LG Display to Invest 7.8 Trillion Won in OLED Production Line

LG Display recorded an operating profit of 804 billion won ($720 million) in Q2 2017, however, once again the company’s performance in the second quarter was 22 percent weaker than in Q1 2017 when the firm registered an operating profit of 1.027 trillion won ($91.7 million). Considering the huge initial […]

State Fair (1962) Blu-ray Review

Having already won viewers’ hearts in the early 1930s as a Will Rogers comedy vehicle and in the lavish 1945 Rodgers and Hammerstein musical adaptation, the 1962 remake of State Fair offers a very starry cast, most of the tuneful melodies from the first musical version plus a few new […]